Why didn’t these things happen in the 1950’s? Why didn’t we need airport screenings then? Why didn’t people need to lock their house or car doors then? The answer is simple. There was more order then (especially in families) … which then naturally released more love and peace and security. I lived through it so I know that to be true personally. But a person can verify what I’m saying by listening to the music back then and watching the TV shows and movies. There was a different feeling in the air … even in the most impoverished communities. There was a patriotism in a country that we could be proud of and be united behind. Can we really be proud of today’s music and morals?


Here’s what it boils down to. There is a greater tolerance for “sin” now. And the natural, inbred reaction to sin is anger … to “correct” it and to implement “justice.” But political correctness has not only forced people to swallow that sin, but they even are arrested or sued for trying to speak out against it. But then at some point it explodes … in situations like these and domestic violence, even to the point where adults murder their families. We’re seeing it more and more in the news, whereas I never saw it in the news when I was growing up. The immorality of today’s society has made it very difficult to create and maintain a good marriage and family. And the feelings tied to marriage and family are VERY powerful … and therefore the anger to correct also is great.


The pressures of today are much greater. And pressure has to be released. But the love in a family helped people in the past. That’s why there weren’t a lot of gang murders, even in the black communities, where women were respected and people dressed nice and worked hard. But more than anything, God and His laws were respected above all else. But now we have rampant pornography and out of wedlock births. And those things tear at the family and cause the greatest pressure … in a person’s heart. So then a person either turns to violence or addictions to try to bring their internal experience to a good and not bad state. And poverty isn’t an excuse, because people were still generally civil even in the great depression. And in the Bible Paul says that he has learned to be content whether in poverty or riches. As a person who is devoted to God, I know that to also be true personally. I’m content in all situations JUST because I’m tied to and understand God.


The solution is this: a happy heart doesn’t do violence. And the way to have a happy heart is to love and obey God and just be tied to people who do the same. It’s that simple. But the mainstream institutions constantly work to keep God out of the media and schools. So then kids are pressured to go along with the mainstream.


So what can we do? Don’t vote for a democrat. That party is the party that promotes more and more tolerance to sin. And educate yourself and others to the realities that I’ve stated here.



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