It is 2012 and due to the prolonged uncertainty of what lies ahead, despite how the liberal media will spin it to help re-elect Barack Obama, fear of the unknown is likely to keep unemployment high and economic growth low for the first half, at least, of the New Year.

By late spring, the Republicans should have settled on who their Presidential candidate will be. But who that candidate is, will determine whether or not faith in the future returns. The pundits tell us it will probably be Mitt Romney.  However, as the Wall street Journal warned us last week, if Mr. Romney is to prevail, he must try soon to start appealing to the conservative voters spread around Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Ron Paul.  If Romney doesn’t stop playing it safe, in his attempt to prove he’s “Republican Lite,” all that will happen is further fragmentation among conservative voters.

Conservatives are afraid that if Romney wins the nomination, nothing will change for the better as pertains to high taxes, contentious social issues, outsourcing of jobs and continued political correctness. Of course if Mr. Obama is re-elected, those same fears will come to fruition. So being fearful of selecting the right person to defeat President Obama may, in the end, make his re-election possible. All the Republican Establishment is concerned about, is that someone with an “R” behind their name beats Obama and, let’s face it, that’s more important to them than electing a candidate of substance or someone who is a true conservative committed to our free enterprise system and someone with high moral character. That’s the way I see it.