It’s now quite clear that Obama is playing chicken with Israel on Iranian nukes.  That is why Leon Panetta came out with a statement this week accusing Israel of planning to attack Iran.  If that statement is true, it’s the worst kind of sabotage, undermining the advantages of surprise.  If it’s false, it is intended to place Israel at the focus of Iranian rage.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The goal of Obama’s nuclear brinkmanship is to drive Israel into making dangerous territorial compromises.  This is a Carteresque policy: blame the victim, and arm her enemy.  Jimmy Carter enabled Iranian radicalization starting with Ayatollah Khomeini, heedless of the disastrous and possibly genocidal consequences.  Carter recently said that an Iranian nuclear weapon was no big deal, as if a nuke in the hands of a suicide-preaching Khomeinist ideology machine is just fine with him.  Well, the Saudis know their Iranian enemies a great deal better than Jimmy Carter does, and they are sending their money to Switzerland.

Obama and Carter represent the dangerous “left of the left wing” Democrat foreign policy establishment, the folks who thought we should surrender to the Soviets, who created the retreat from Saigon, and who rationalized the Iran-Iraq War, which killed a million people after Carter allowed Khomeini radicalism to rise in Iran.  The destruction caused by left-leftist foreign policy “thought” from the Democrats is immense.  Over the years, they have colluded in hundreds of thousands of deaths abroad — covered up by the mainstream media.  They are Lenin’s useful idiots, who colluded in 100 million Communist terror victims in the 20th century alone, and they have not changed one little bit.

Such people are dangerous.  When they enabled Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” at the cost of 40 million Chinese lives, all the damage was to China.  There was no plausible nuclear threat to Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan, because mad old Mao Zedong turned his mass-killing efforts inwards.  When Vietnam killed hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese after the U.S. withdrew from Saigon, again, Ho Chi Minh’s purges were turned inward.  Now that North Korea is again filling its concentration camps and having another major famine, its neighbors feel reasonably safe.  Yes, the useful idiots of the West engage in criminal collusion with madmen of the East, as Dr. Thomas Sowell points out in his latest book on Western intellectuals, but our criminal colluders always stay safe themselves.

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