Liberals believe they have the wind at their back and a spring in their step helping to land themselves on the right side of civil rights issues. They are scofflaws in their efforts to proclaim rights for the protected class du jour. Their self-righteous indignation of conservative principles gives them an innate ability to shred the constitution.

A major triumph slinging mud in the eye of conservatives and snubbing constitutional law is their establishment of sanctuary cities. Regardless of congressionally enacted immigration law, liberal ruled sanctuary cities have unconstitutionally established policies directing local law enforcement not to comply with federal law or cooperate with immigration agencies – and supported by this Administration. While conservatives unpopularly support enforcement of our immigration law, especially for criminal offenders, liberal sanctuary cities allow criminal aliens to roam the streets under the feel good guise that they are helping immigrants and the community. Tell that to Kate Steinle, murdered by a repeat offender with multiple deportations, all because San Francisco follows liberal policy aimed at pandering for the Hispanic/Latino vote.

Similar to sanctuary city policies, the recent Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage has popular support because it appeals to the feel good side of the uninformed American. While both can make one feel good that people are being given beneficial rights, only one is deemed constitutional – you know, as long as a policy makes you feel good then to heck with the Constitution. Liberal policies are often framed in this emotional manner to skirt what they have portrayed as restrictive constitutional laws.

Unfortunately, emotion does not provide an orderly rule of law with established statutes that actually provide equal treatment to everyone. Breaking the law by not enforcing the law does not provide the warm fuzzies in the end. Instead, it sets precedent for future opposition to those who may really have a protected right to equal treatment – in this case the LBGT community’s recent marriage win may be fleeting.

Liberal zeal in breaking the law to set up sanctuary cities may have set precedent to harm the constitutionally upheld marriage of same sex partners. Think about it. Constitutionally, federal law trumps state and local law. In San Francisco and other sanctuary cities, they ideologically believe they are above the law and can ignore the Constitution because of the political benefit and ploy of doing good in the eyes of the uninformed voter. Well, precedent has consequences. In the right political climate conservative cities could break the law by ignoring the Supreme Court’s decision and refuse to issue LBGT marriage licenses since it would appeal to their religious constituency. Liberal policy can and will be used against them if they continue to overstep the Constitution.

Both parties may be guilty of this, but the current zeal among liberals is pushing constitutional boundaries to their breaking point. Liberals appear ignorant that the pendulum will swing harder and faster in the opposite direction if it is pushed too far to one side. The best course of action, which many conservatives long to see and many liberal wish to stretch and break, is to work within the confines of the constitution in order to truly apply equal treatment to all. The Constitution is the framework we must all abide equally, not a political football to be used or ignored in order to garner votes.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.