America was still in its infancy as a nation when two opposing cultures began to clash.  One of these cultures—the dominant culture at the time—acknowledged God as the ultimate authority.  The other viewed man as sovereign.  For 237 years these two cultures have vied for the soul of America.   It has taken a long time, but the man-as-god crowd is finally winning the battle.  It’s most effective weapon has been public education.  Using the public schools to circumvent parents and to subvert the church was a stroke of genius on the part of secular humanists—albeit evil genius.

Think about it.  American children spend 30 or more hours a week in public schools during their formative and most impressionable years.  It is in school that they form some of their most lasting friendships, create some of their most cherished memories, and participate in some of their favorite activities (e.g. sports, band, etc.).  You will notice that I did not include academics in the examples of favorite activities.  The church, if they attend church at all, has these same impressionable youngsters under its tutelage for a couple hours a week at best.  Parents—both of whom probably work outside of the home—have precious little time to spend with their children and even less to keep up with what they are being taught in public school. These circumstances, taken together, make the public school system a powerful weapon in the hands of those who would use it for nefarious purposes, a fact the left was quick to grasp and too many conservatives and Christians have ignored.

Liberals and secular humanists knew early on that the road to cultural dominance ran through America’s public schools, but they also knew that to move too fast would be to arouse suspicion and engender opposition.  Consequently, they moved slowly but ever so surely to transform public education into a system of leftwing indoctrination where young people conform rather than think and comply rather than question.  Their progress was snail-paced and incremental but steady nonetheless.  In other words, the left applied the proverbial boil-the-frog approach in transforming public schools into re-education centers that made young people think of their parents and pastors as hopelessly out of touch and laughably passé.

The results of transforming American public schools into centers of leftwing indoctrination have been disastrous.  The transformation has produced several generations of children who are academically inept and morally confused.  We now have public school “graduates” who cannot read, write, compute, or think well enough to function in today’s globally-competitive environment and who lack the moral foundation for making ethically-appropriate decisions.  Worse yet, as their ability to take care of themselves and their families has declined, public school “graduates” as well as dropouts have been taught to expect the government to take care of them.

Conservative columnist Thomas Sowell once wrote: “If every parent in America knew what was really going on in the public schools, there would be a revolution.”  I am sure there was a time when Dr. Sowell’s pronouncement was accurate, but that time—unfortunately—has past.  The parents who might have revolted in years past over the leftwing, anti-Christian doctrine of public education are now public school graduates themselves.  For them, questioning public education is to question the very worldview they internalized during their twelve years in the system.  Public school alumni may question the Bible, big business, wealth, hard work, and the values of their grandparents but they are not going to question themselves.  To do so is to risk pulling the rug out from under the leftwing house of cards it took them twelve years to build.

Public school alumni have been conditioned to think of tragedies like Columbine and Sandy Hook as a normal part of life.  They have no understanding of how or why mass murders of young school children came to be normal nor do they have a worldview that might suggest they are part of the problem.  Why should they?  They spent twelve years in a system that valued self-esteem over self-discipline, inclusion over achievement, and conformance questioning.  If you are a conservative or Christian, stop complaining about the public schools and start demanding your rights as a taxpayer.