Through their requests for documents from local, state and federal authorities, Judicial Watch researchers were able to obtain hundreds of documents and emails pertaining to the case. This information helped Judicial Watch prove that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.

Hidden among these documents were emails dated from just after the shooting that referenced Trayvon Martin’s uncle, Ronald Fulton.

Ronald Fulton is on the executive committee of the Community Relations Board (CRB) of Miami-Dade County. The stated mission of the Community Relations Board of Miami-Dade County reads in part: “The primary mission of the Community Relations Board is to intervene and contain community tensions, as quickly as possible.” The CRB is part of a larger section of the Miami-Dade government known as the Office of Community Advocacy whose mission statement reads: “The Office of Community Advocacy (OCAd) is charged with making Miami-Dade County “One Community” that embraces our diverse enriched and unique population.”

A few days after Martin’s death on February 26, 2012 emails detailing the incident and Mr. Fulton’s relation to Trayvon Martin were initiated. Since the City of Sanford where the shooting occurred didn’t have a community relations board or a community advocacy section in the government, it appears that the Miami-Dade CRB and OCAd boards took over.


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