Cities reflect their leadership. Beautiful cities are clean and safe throughout their borders. There is a feeling of community; people walk with pride. When a city is properly run a wholesome feeling pervades its atmosphere. City dwellers love the comradery; sitting at outdoor cafes and watching the bustle go by. A beautiful city, through its museums and art galleries, is endowed with the uplifting essence that marks a healthy society.

More than twenty people were shot in New York City over the three day Memorial Day weekend.

Some might claim guns are the problem, but gunfire is a symptom of deeper issues. The President admitted this just days ago, on May 18th he said, “In some communities, that sense of unfairness and powerlessness has contributed to dysfunction in those communities…” In a very real sense he is correct, but he doesn’t see things clearly enough to articulate the key thought in his statement. The most important word in his sentence is “powerlessness”. People who have their lives paid for are in a real sense powerless. Because these payments have gone sky high the only way to mortgage them is to tax business and homes. The high cost of doing business drives out those who seek a modicum of power, or sovereignty, for themselves. Left behind is a citizenry that desires power but does not understand the responsibilities, actions, and behaviors that accompany even a small dose of sovereignty. Stripped by government indulgence of the necessity to contribute to their own existence the powerless become mere shadows of citizenry. What seems clear is that as the contributing citizens are forced to increase the indulgence the powerless grow more resentful of those who make the contributions.

Some two dozen people were shot in Baltimore over the three day Memorial Day weekend.

President Obama further stated, “… Where people don’t feel a sense of hope and opportunity, then a lot of times that can fuel crime and that can fuel unrest.” Yes, but if a family that is self-supporting dislikes the schools where they live they exercise their power by moving to a better district. Would Barrack Obama consider granting even a small slice of such opportunity or hope to those trapped under the whip of subjugation to government largesse? No. He does not support schools of choice. Would he consider suspending overregulation in order to spur economic growth across the nation so that those who so choose can move to areas of more promise? History tells us that people don’t give up their power over others so easily. Barrack Obama is no different.

More than 50 people were shot in Chicago over the three day Memorial Day weekend.

The left preaches helplessness, powerlessness. Read the soaring rhetoric they use to congratulate students for achieving college degrees:

Robert De Niro so eloquently brought a message to the 2015 graduating class of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts when he said, “You made it, and you’re f—ed.” Forget the coarseness; this is no way to make a kid feel like commencing.

Robert Redford told the graduating class at Colby they were, “… stepping into a world that’s, well, pretty rough. It’s pretty chaotic. It’s pretty divisive…” It’s pretty grim, old boy.

At Oberlin Michelle Obama chimed in with, “Graduates, climate change, economic inequality, human rights, criminal justice -– these are the revolutions of your times.” Chicken Little dons the mortarboard.

These are the words of our elite, our leaders.

By such means the modern elite knock the stuffing out of students, out of constituents, out of a people, out of a nation. The idea is to leave them feeling powerless. Powerless in the face of economics, climate change, chaos, divisiveness, you name it. Progressives will utilize any poison; their idea is to poison the national well with something in order to render citizens powerless.

In just three of our major cities more than 90 people were shot during the three day Memorial Day weekend. Mr. Obama is correct when he says that a sense of powerlessness has contributed to the dysfunction in many of our cities. His whole term has been about injecting a sense of powerlessness into our national cardiovascular system.

Today many major cities reflect his leadership. They are chaotic, disorganized, unpleasant, and dangerous. They mirror the “community activist” who has led them for well over six years, the liberal ethos that has plagued them for over fifty years.

I don’t know if one would call them “communities” any more, but they sure are active.

At least over any three day Memorial Day weekend.