On it’s face any Republican candidate should be well positioned to unseat what has been one of the most catastrophic Presidencies in our history.  A complete and abject failure on so many levels that it is almost impossible to even make an accounting of all of the wrong decisions they have made.  Consider this; an economy that has bottomed out (several times – is that even supposed to be possible?), a foreign policy that has seen our enemies not named al-Qaeda grow stronger – while our allies falter, spending increases, growing budget shortfalls, skyrocketing unemployment, protests, rallies, and general unrest!  The only administration “victory” in 3 years has been a Healthcare plan that is so unpopular the majority of Americans favor repeal!  What has been President Obama’s response when asked about the absolute and total mockery of a first term?  “Why, it’s the Republicans fault – they are always against me!”  Ah, Mr. President but let us not forget the “glory” years of 2008-2010 when the Democrat Party held a Supermajority in the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House… what happened there?

All of these co-mingling circumstances should point to your standard Jimmy Carter type collapse and a run-away win for Republicans come election time.  Don’t be too hasty, though – if there is one thing the Republican Party has proved over the last seven years is that at times they can be completely tone deaf to the cry of the electorate.  This leads me to the points I want to make clear, the roadmap if you will, to Republican victory in 2012.  I will assume that whichever candidate is chosen over the next couple of months is completely viable and has the support of his party.  The chosen candidate and his/her surrogates must begin to deliver a cohesive and uplifting message throughout the country.  While the candidate’s election machine drums up support for their election, the national Republican associations must pour money and effort into the local races.  Instruct all Republican candidates for office, at all levels, to tie their Democrat opponents to the policies and politics of the Obama administration.  The local races should become proxy battles waged against this failure of a Presidency!

What issues should the Republican nominee focus on?  As they stump several themes should be front and center; more jobs, less taxation, less spending, and less regulation.  The candidate needs to lay out a plan to send Americans back to work – and the plan needs to be simple and straight to the point!

Our candidate should tell voters that we will cut corporate tax rates to undo the damage done to our industries by outsourcing.  If it is more profitable for a company to base its business in the USA, they will – and this means jobs for Americans.  We will make it easier to open a business, to hire workers, and to pay your taxes by simplifying and deregulating.  Less paperwork to file, less tax loopholes, and an easier tax code so that you have to worry less about the government and can worry more about your customers.  While they are at it our candidate should cut regulations that stifle creativity, risk, and investment.  There is a huge difference between ensuring the safety of important medications being brought to the market, and forcing six year olds to close down their lemonade stands! Common sense regulation is the key.

Our candidate should promise to cut the people’s taxes across the board because no American is better off today than we were three years ago and we need our money to stay in our wallets!

Our candidate should promise to trim the budget by billions – immediately!  Our economic heart needs defibrillation, and after the failed attempts by the previous two administrations to do so using planned (government) methods – our next President needs to let the private sector give it try.  Cut spending and cut it from everywhere.  Cut subsidies, make cuts to welfare programs that bleed our coffers, cut programs that create even more costs!  Instead of Drill, Baby, Drill, our new rallying cry should be Cut, Baby, Cut!

So for all of you hopeful Republican Presidential nominees, get your collective acts together – focus on the fiscal issues, show how four years of Obama has hurt our nation, but let the people know that there is hope… and it’s spelled R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n.