There is a new disease spreading across the land – Christaphobia.  The Huffington Post has it.  Hollywood has it.  Obama and Wasserman-Schultz have it.  Perez Hilton has it.  He has it so bad he won’t even come on my new show, The Victoria Jackson show ( debuting on the Internet in two weeks.  I sent Perez an email and invited him.  He did not respond. Is he afraid of me?  Does he have Christaphobia?  On my new show I want to have loving dialogue between people with differing ideologies, like I did with this lesbian liberal at CPAC.

My new show will dedicated to Freedom of Speech.  Why?  Because we are losing it.  When did it become only acceptable to believe one way, the secular humanist way?  Is that the new state religion?  Did an executive order come down from the Dictator Obama saying all citizens of the U.S. must deny the Bible, and now worship the state, or man, humanism?

The mainstream media is so afraid of anyone speaking in public using the word Jesus or Christ in a loving or respectful way, that they watch day and night for one slip, especially from a celebrity.  Then, they pounce on them, with slander and hate speech.  They find the ugliest photo they can find and slap it on the article.  They humiliate, intimidate and publicly scorn.  They are desperately trying to silence Christians.  Read  “How Evil Works,” and “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian.  He explains how the Left purposefully calculated the language that would be acceptable in the public square.  “Abortion” would be called “Pro Choice” or “Women’s Health.”  Homosexuality would be changed to “gay” and then the phrase “gay rights” to suggest “victimhood.”  “Bullying” is a big buzzword now, but only for “gays.”  What about “Christian bullying?”  Christians get beat up on the playground.  So do redheads, and fat kids, and shy kids, and conservatives.  My Auburn room mate punched me in the face one time. Hate comes in all sizes.  Hate even comes from the Left – ALOT.  Wasn’t Bill Mahr calling Palin a “c**t” – hate speech?  Isn’t that bullying?  Or when Behar told Angle to “go to hell”?!

Let’s call it Heterophobia, or Conservaphobia or Christaphobia.   The left is so afraid of happily married Christian families who pay their taxes, go to church, tithe, give to charities, go to work, love their children, and safeguard what goes into their eyes and ears.  The left is so afraid of us that they scour the news desperate to find a moment of hypocrisy that they can throw out there.   If the Left finds me caught in a sin, in the past, present or future, which they will, I will simply say, “Yes, I am a sinner.  That’s why I am so grateful that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and paid the penalty for me.  Romans 6:23”

That would drive them mad.  Quoting a Bible verse.

The only politically correct usage of the words Jesus, Christ, or Jesus Christ is in a curse word frame of reference.  If anyone publicly speaks up in a positive way for Christian values or defends the Bible as the Word of God they are immediately blacklisted as you can see in this new article.

I call it Christaphobia.  They have a sickness and a fear that only Christ can cure.