Huff Po writes, “Victoria Jackson hasn’t exactly been a beacon of rational political analysis, but her post-election meltdown on Twitter may take the cake. After Barack Obama was declared the winner, the former “SNL” castmember proclaimed that America had “died.” (

It has died! “America” is dead. That is very rational political analysis. It’s called “truth.” And, Huff Po, as Jack Nicholson put it, “…you can’t handle the truth.”

Pamela Gellar said, “Truth is the new hate speech.”

“America” was The Constitution, The Bible, the Ten Commandments, the traditional family unit, and free enterprise. That is dead now. It has been replaced with a Dictator, his special friends (oligarchy), secular humanism, free sex, and redistribution (Marxism). “America” is gone.

Why did America die? Because we kicked God out. Read Leviticus 26.

The Democrats voted God out of their platform, and then, they voted in Obama…again…knowing that our economy is worse since he was elected, our debt is much higher, our unemployment much worse; knowing that Obama is a liar, a racist, a communist, and not a natural born citizen; knowing that he is guilty of treason, he has aided our enemies, dissed our allies, crippled our energy – coal, gas and oil industries; and that he has over-regulated small business out of business; and, that he is endorsed by dictators and communists.

Obama was very successful in his first four years. He accomplished his goal of “fundamentally transforming America” from freedom to tyranny. He did have help, besides the cheating, bribing and voter fraud. He had millions of morons, the educational system, the media, and three generations worth of Communists. Most interesting is the fact that Obama’s childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis and Obama’s grandparents and David Axelrod’s and Valerie Jarrett’s grandparents and her father-in-law were all members of The Communist Party USA. (“The Communist” by Paul Kengor)

The God Haters now outweigh the God Lovers. And, there are more Takers than Makers. Evil won the election.

My friend B was a poll volunteer in the South. She witnessed three illegals trying to vote, teenagers with fake Driver’s Licenses, and a lot of “provisional votes.” She said 90% had wrong addresses, and several had the wrong birthday. Many didn’t know they had to ‘register’ first. The NAACP showed up. Many of the poll volunteers were wearing Obama stuff.

Founding Father John Adams said, “[W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Freedom of Religion? Dead. Obamacare did that. Freedom of Speech? O’s Benghazi proved that. Freedom to Bear Arms. That’s next. All my friends are stocked up on guns and ammo. I asked an AZ Tea Party friend what he’s gonna do when this government comes to his home to take his gun away. He said, “Call my posse.” We are prepared. We are the 50%.

Huff Po, I have another tweet you can quote. Now, that I’ve had a night to think about this, I came up with this;

“America’s dead, but Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Most of that sentence is a Bible verse, so I guess I kind of plagiarized – it’s from the Holy Bible. (Hebrews 13:8)

This “New America” has a majority of people who would trade freedom for a free phone, a job for a joint, and a baby for sluttiness.

I think the red states should secede and create our own country called Original America. Obama can name his dictatorship of blue states, “Obamutopia.” The rules of Original America are; 1) If anyone from “Obamutopia” crosses our border without an invitation they are shot. 2) No welfare system. Everyone takes care of their own traditional family, and the church takes care of widows and orphans. 3) The Ten Commandments and Prayer are in our public school system and the Bible is a required course. 4) You can become a citizen if you learn English, take a test, get a job, and pledge allegiance.

I see four more years of this spiritual battle between me and the Huff Po. We will only agree when, as I said to Howard Stern, “you become a born again Christian.” Then, Huff Po, you will be healed of your spiritual blindness. You will see simple things clearly; things like spending more money can’t get you out of debt; things like government over-regulation makes less jobs, not more jobs; things like socialism makes more people poor and free enterprise makes more people rich; logical things like that.

Until then, thanks for mentioning me so often Huff Po. You are creating for me a new career in politics! Who knew?! Steer viewers to the and buy my new book, “Is My Bow Too Big? (How I went from SNL to the Tea Party)” available at It will enlighten you.

Photo was taken on Election Night, Nov. 6, 2012 in Minneapolis, MN where I was honored to be a guest on Dan’s show, “OX IN THE AFTERNOON,” a very popular conservative talk radio show out of St. Cloud, MN. Michele Bachmann is Ox’s buddy and she won that night! Hallelujah! She is my role model! You can listen to Ox every day at: