This one’s for all the parents raising their little snowflakes in our brave new world. Remember that first moment you saw their little faces? By ultrasound, or even just after delivery, when the doctor smiles up at you and says: “Congratulations! It’s a…something!”

That’s right, the archaic notion of boys and girls, sons and daughters, male and female, it’s all on the way out, as our brightest minds continue to push us toward progress…away from biology (and reality).

As always, Canada shows us the way forward.

A Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia is considering whether to eliminate gender altogether on baby’s birth certificates.

The Trans Alliance Society filed a complaint about the basic practice, arguing:

“…doctors should stop assigning the sex of a baby based on a quick inspection of the baby’s genitals at birth when there’s a possibility they may identify under a different gender, or no gender, years later. (National Post)

“Birth certificates (may) give false information about people and characterize them in a way that is actually wrong, that assumes to be right, and causes people … actual harm,” said Morgane Oger, a transgender woman in Vancouver and chair of the society.

“It’s considered true and infallible when it isn’t.”

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