About 100 Soldiers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord remained restricted to the base Sunday after hundreds of sensitive items, including night-vision goggles and rifle scopes, were reported stolen from a supply area.

I Corps spokesman Maj. Chris Ophardt described the stolen items as “anything that attaches to a weapon or helps you see at night.” The Army does not consider the equipment alone to be a danger to the public.

“You have to have other stuff to make it dangerous, and you have to know how to use it,” Ophardt said Sunday. “It’s not something the average Joe can attach to their gun and become instant Rambo.”

A 100-member infantry company went on lockdown Wednesday, meaning they could not leave their barracks without an escort or communicate by email or phone. As of Sunday, they remained restricted to their barracks and dining areas, but phones were allowed and family could visit, Ophardt said.

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