When my son was in junior high school I read all of his Harry Potter books.  I started reading them mainly to see what all the fuss was about but was quickly sucked into the magical saga of wizardry and Hogswart and Quidditch.  Later, while working as the Children’s Director at a church I started reading the Twilight series, again because I wanted to understand why they were so well liked.

I was hooked and have since read every volume of the vampire/werewolf series.  (Just for the record, in both instances I have liked the books much better than the movies…)

So when my mother insisted I read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games I thought it would be yet another fun, meaningless teen angst-type stories.  However I’m now reading the third book (titled Mockingjay) and so far the books remind me of—interestingly– Mark Levin’s recent best-seller, Ameritopia.

In Ameritopia, Levin talks about a utopian dream world in which people are grouped together according to whatever they excel in.  One society would be made up of people who are the best farmers; another the best hunters, miners and so on.  All these ‘commoners’ would be led by an elite group consisting of the best and brightest—people who would know what’s best for the underlings of the world.   Their leaders would determine their futures—including whom they would marry, the fate of their children and their children’s children and everything in between.

Socialism is the entire premise of the Hunger Games.

Just like Levin described in Ameritopia, everyone in Collin’s books are divided up according to their unique gifts and talents; the best of the best are able to eat, the lower classes usually starve to death providing food and goods for everyone else.

It never balances out.  The elites who run the land get everything; the rest get nothing and are killed when they disobey.

THIS is the end results of that “leveled playing field” the Occupiers are so enamored with.  If they really believe that government workers in WASHINGTON DC are better at taking care of us than we are ourselves, they really need to read Suzanne Collins’ books.

Or better yet, they need to see the movie.  Most of the Occupy-types choose not to read anything that doesn’t fit onto their iPhone screens…

I have to end this article with a recent interview Sean Hannity conducted with a 29-year old Occupier who was so inane, so incredibly lame it made me think the guy was trying to pull a fast one on Fox.  The man declared it was America’s ‘job’ to pay for his healthcare, schooling and housing.  He thought it wasn’t fair that the only way he could get “things” was by having to (gasp!) WORK for them.

Get ready for your Conservative blood to boil—because unfortunately this man really does speak for a very large amount of misguided people and ironically, in Suzanne Collin’s world (and/or Karl Marx’s) he would be one of the first to go…