The last thing America needs in a time of economic turmoil is the nearly $450 billion stimulus package proposed Thursday by President Barack Obama, Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman reveals in an exclusive interview.

“We need to look at the structural impediments that stand in the way of job growth and the deployment of capital in the marketplace,” the former Utah governor says. “It’s taxes, and it’s regulation, and we are overburdened by both.”

Huntsman blasted Obamacare and described the federal healthcare program as a $1 trillion burden on society.

“Until such time as we’re willing to say Obamacare is a big loser for this country, to the tune of $1 trillion, impeding economic growth…we’re not going to be where this country needs to be in getting on our feet economically,” he says.

He tells Newsmax the legislation should be repealed.

“We can least afford it,” he says. “It’s a new bureaucracy that is being created. It would be a mandate that likely is unconstitutional.”

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