The ongoing battle over the Republican primary schedule took on an additional layer of drama Thursday as former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman announced he would skip the Nevada caucus unless its date is moved back.

The announcement came after New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner said he was considering moving the Granite State’s primary to early December unless Nevada moved its caucus to a later date. The caucus is currently scheduled for January 14.

“If Nevada does not accept a date of Tuesday, January 17th or later for its caucus, it leaves New Hampshire no choice but to consider December of this year,” Gardner said in a statement released Wednesday. “The dates of Tuesday, December 13th, and Tuesday, December 6th are realistic options, and we have logistics in place to make either date happen if needed.”

According to state law, New Hampshire must schedule its primary before any “similar” contest — a criteria officials say the Nevada caucus meets.

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