We all know the stereotypes. There are stereotypes for age, gender, race, religion, political party, you name it. And, they make us so angry, don’t they? “I’m a woman, but I’m a GOOD driver!” or “I’m 15, but I’m an OLD soul.” We are all constantly fighting our negative stereotypes. The truth is, stereotypes are developed because people notice patterns. Does that mean they’re all true? No. But, the basis of a stereotype is never completely unfounded.

So, what is the stereotype for conservatives? I can tell you right now. We’re Obama-hating, gay-bashing, anti-birth-control prudes. That’s how the world sees us. Why? Because there are little bits of truth in those descriptive phrases. Most conservatives don’t favor Obama; and most conservatives also favor traditional marriage and despise abortion. But, these beliefs don’t make for haters, like so many liberals assume. They make for a world-view, a political party, that stands for something.

I hate hearing these stereotypes because I know myself. I know how I feel about these issues, and while certain injustices do make my blood boil (and should), I’m not a judgey “hater” who wants the world to be unhappy and unequal.

Let’s walk through each of these incorrect assumptions and unpack the truth behind them.

I Don’t Hate Obama

I blame America’s problems on the voters A LOT. I don’t think Obama is THE problem. I think his philosophy is – and half the country shares his philosophy. Socialism is a slippery slope. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with socialized healthcare if it was done at the state level (the way Romney did it), but the Federal government is taking control of everything – health care, gun control, birth control…everything!

Obama is the one pushing for it, by signing executive orders apart from Congress. Unconstitutional! Executive orders are to be signed if they affect the executive branch of government ONLY – not the whole country. I understand the socialist mentality, but it just can’t work on a federal level without it becoming tyranny. Open a history book and see how it has worked out in the past.

I don’t hate Obama. I think he really believes what he’s doing is right. I just don’t think he’s right, and the 1st amendment gives me the right to say that.

I Don’t Hate Gay People

Liberal legislation being made at the federal level to legalize gay marriage is affecting my freedom of religion. That is why I’m against it. Who am I to hold someone’s lifestyle to a Christian standard if they aren’t a Bible-believing Christian? If I didn’t believe the Bible was true, my life would look a lot different than it does.

So, I’m not against gay marriage because I want to be the moral police. I’m against gay marriage because of the effect it will have in this country.

Christianity is being attacked. I mean, look at Canada! That’s where we’re headed. I love gay people and I have several gay friends (who are some of the kindest, funnest people I know), but giving them the same rights as straight people means that our kids will start to be taught an anti-Biblical worldview, in school. In Canada, the government is trying to force even Homeschooling parents and Christian schools to teach that homosexuality is normal and ok. The reason I have a problem with this is because I don’t want the government telling me that I have to go against the Bible – even in conversations that take place in my own home!

If we are truly free, we should be free to believe and teach our kids whatever we think is right, as long as it doesn’t put another person in harm. A true Christian doesn’t hate gay people or teach their kids to (as the media makes people think). A true Christian LOVES gay people, but believes that the Bible defines marriage. I look at a gay person’s lifestyle the same way I look at a friend living with her boyfriend before they get married.

I’m going to teach my daughter not to sleep with anyone that’s not her husband because I believe that God says that, in His Word. I don’t think premarital sex is right, but I don’t hate someone who does, and I can still be their friend. Just like I don’t hate you, whoever you are. I would probably really like you. But, I don’t have to agree with everything you do.

Jonathan Hernandez, my liberal-leaning friend from school said to me, “About gay marriage, I somewhat agree with you. I don’t see how the state can change the definition of marriage to include gay people while banning polygamous marriages. You are looking at a can of worms. I actually don’t care either way; even if the government allowed incestuous marriage, it wouldn’t phase me… it’s not my problem.”

But you see, Jonathan, it would phase you if the government said that incest was ok and therefore if you didn’t teach your kindergartener that it was ok, you were a “hate group” and breaking the law.

I don’t hate gay people. I hate the possibility of living in a country that puts me in a position of either honoring the Bible or honoring the law. We should be able to do both. The hope of that very freedom is what brought the Pilgrims here.

I Don’t Hate Birth Control

I don’t have a problem with birth control. I was on “the pill” for years. What I DO have a problem with is murder. President Obama has consistently voted for late-term abortion and even infanticide (killing a baby that survives an abortion), and even HE is unsure about when life begins.

If you’re not sure, wouldn’t it make sense to err on the side of life?

I say this all the time, but abortion is not a political issue. It’s an atrocity that any group or party is for it.

Forcing abortion on companies and tax payers is one of my major problems with socialized healthcare. The government is forcing companies to cover the abortion pill. It is not right to force a person or business owner to go against their religion or be fined (and go out of business). Just look at what’s happening to Hobby Lobby.

When I brought this up with Jonathan, he brought up the saying our favorite history teacher always used, “You can lead a horse to water…”

“You can’t lead a horse to water.” I agree – I don’t want to force my beliefs on anybody. But, I don’t want anyone to force their beliefs on me either; and making my family-owned company pay for someone’s abortion is “making me drink.”

I’m not anti-Obama. I’m anti-socialist. I’m not anti-gay. I’m pro-freedom-of-religion. I’m not anti-birth control. I’m anti-murder.

In order to break out of the negative vibe that these stereotypes bring, we have to talk to each other, respectfully. We have to listen. We have to be loving. And, of course, we have to stand firm.