Ok, people. There’s a difference between knowing and exercising your rights and…just being…rude. I feel that I can say this because I breastfed for 13 months. I loved it. I think its important and wonderful and that everyone who can or wants to, should. But, in those 13 months that I breastfed my baby, you didn’t see me waving my junk around in public. I was discreet. I frequented bathroom stalls – took it to the car – left the room when people were in my home, and used one of those tent-thingies to hide what I was doing when I needed to take it public. Was this because I didn’t have the right to feed my child in public? Of course not. But, in my opinion, there is a very short list of people who are on the approved list when I’m…er, exposed.

Lucy Eades is making waves because she video taped an employee at a Texas rec center saying she needed to…put the girls away.

Eades told the employee, while privately taping, “It is state law that I can nurse my child with or without…I know my rights.” Now, she’s (of course) organizing a nurse-in protest. Oh boy. I’m sure Texas rec. center members will be thrilled at the site of that.

I definitely think its admirable to know and exercise rights. I was all but jumping out of my chair when I saw a hidden camera video of a law student being stopped by a cop for carrying a gun. He rattled off his rights as the cop tried to arrest him (for simply exercising his 2nd amendment rights) and the hidden camera video wound up a viral sensation. He was not arrested. The video has, unfortunately, since been removed from YouTube. Hm…

But, breastfeeding? I don’t know, man. I have friends on Facebook who post pictures of them breastfeeding their kids. And, yes, I think its a beautiful, natural, loving practice. But, I don’t think that the whole world needs to see it.

Unfortunately, we live in a sex-saturated culture. That’s just the way it is. Although your breasts are used to feed your child, they are also…sex organs.

I’m very careful not to knock mother’s on the choices they make. I’ve learned, in my very limited Mommy-ing experience, that you do what works for you. There are a million books and articles with a million contradictory opinions on how to raise your child. I know I do things that people probably look at and think, “How dare she!?” But, I guess I’m just a little old fashioned in my belief that…we’ve got to keep private things – private.

If you’re breastfeeding and proud – then good for you! Invest in one of those cute nursing covers that you drape over your shoulder. I used one of those. They’re designed, now, with wire around the neck, so you can see your baby, not worry about him/her suffocating, and be so discreet that people won’t even know what’s going on under there, unless they’re really looking. But if you want to protest and stand up for rights, there are so many other causes that are more important. Rather than attending a nurse-in protest, attend a pro-life rally and save babies who will never get to be nursed if their moms choose to end their life right at its start.