The power of Power is stronger than gravity. Washington’s power is no exception. It seems to entangle even the purest of heart turning its good intentions into an Institute of Politics. Recently I learned that Silicon Valley spent millions lobbying for immigration reform. Looking at the 68-32 Senate vote it just may have been the safest, sure thing, bet of the year.

Fourteen Republicans voted in this 1200 page (pork filled) monstrosity, so they could call it done and pass the heavy lifting onto the House. Hopefully the House will take consideration over the weekend and the fourth, watching the fireworks and remember who they work for and why they became Congressmen.

There is a huge call to action for accountability, investigations of rule of law, major changes from Govt., betrayal of the will of working class Americans and immigrants who went through the process to become legal. No more business as usual, caving to time constraints (from a Senate without a budget for four yrs.) and not reading the bill. I know this fourth the American people will be saying a silent prayer that the America we knew will last another year.

Giant Tech companies have spent Millions of dollars in lobbying efforts out of Silicon Valley in support of that bill. Historically high tech is not a major political player. They were silent in 2007 immigration debate, but this year they jumped in early. Arguing they need the freedom to hire the best and the brightest globally to compete.

Adam Thierer, George Mason University, says “Money talks and Silicon Valley’s voice is Booming. High technology Co.’s are among the fastest growing lobbying shops in Washington, D.C.” Led by Face Book Founder Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO’s of a dozen high tech co.s dropped Millions into ( Forward us to lobby for immigration reform, take action.

Dan Schnur, USC, institute of politics, states “If you are a technology Co. immigration is not a social issue, it’s not a culture issue, it’s not a moral issue, it’s a bottom line issue.” Their investment appears to have already paid off snaring 14of our Republican Senator’s.

The group lobbied to triple the number of high tech foreign workers to 108 thousand. It also eliminated language requiring U.S. employers to prove an immigrant did not displace an American worker.

Alaska’s economic future is looking to open ANWR to drilling! Three of Zuckerberg’s investors dropped out over advertisement’s like that. They emphasized pro-immigration for law makers support over oil drilling. Dan Schnur says, “If you’re a hard line environmentalists then what Zuckerberg’s organization did is an absolute atrocity. If you believe that immigration reform is more important than the environment then it was brilliant.” Our Senators thought it was brilliant!

Internet companies now spend more on lobbying in Washington, D.C. than Wall Street, Hollywood and Defense Contractors. Google, Face Book, Microsoft are among the largest players and they are matching a lot of the other telecommunications co.’s soliciting votes.

I’m one of you! He told the viewers. Massachusetts Gabriel Gomez a former Navy Seal running for Senate to take John Kerry’s seat, caught my attention. He’s one of my kind, of Republican? He looks right into the camera and states “I’m a new kind of moderate Republican. I believe in gay marriage, Global warming, and immigration reform. Since Roe v Wade is 40 years old this year it’s Settled Law.” He is NOT one of my kind. He is the new evolved, “Hybrid” Republican and he lost.

The Lobbyists I just mentioned, the Democrats and the Media have warped the minds of the new generation of Republicans. They have sunk so low that they are putting on the Democratic way of thinking to try and salvage political like-ability.

It’s not working! Republicans cannot mutate into something desirable by selling out their moral conscience, principles and true core beliefs. In Massachusetts I could almost understand it being so deeply blue he may have gotten away with it as a token Republican as did Scott Brown. This venal attitude shows that we have no rudder, direction or spine in many Republican representatives in the Senate.

They are being strong armed into buying into the values of the Google data mining info and the lobbying of the cool new techie’s. Their vote was fueled by emotion from high tech hype not by facts and good judgment from the people’s will and what they told us they were going to do with immigration reform and border security. Let the Democrats evolve into oblivion if they want, we don’t need to evolve to keep up, we are already there.

We want our Country back, our Liberty and Freedom and everything else the fourth of July stands for. I barely recognize America anymore with all the History books deleted and revamped to degradation of our champion Country, Constitution and Fore-Fathers. True American Spirit can grow with the truth, higher morals and integrity without compromise. This was the promise we thought we voted into the Senate.

When the Left sees the Republicans morph into a Hybrid there is little distinction left to decipher. What the congressmen don’t understand is that the Left is not going to vote for a hybrid when they can vote for the real deal. Trying to be a likable Republican by becoming more like a Democrat isn’t going to impress your base or the minorities into voting for you, we see through that rouse. The GOP will have nothing more to offer anyone that’s different. They will no longer be respected but considered lukewarm hybrid, hypocrites and that is not my kind.

If the GOP continues to abandon us then we may be forced to abandon them to form our own Independent Party. Standing on principles we strongly believe will convince others what we have, is what they really want, because it’s honest, unique and only available on our side.

The Left is throwing their soul to the wind. I believe the minorities will vote for the man who shows he can lead because his soul is his guide and his Word is displayed in his Actions and scandals don’t follow but run from him.

We cannot stand with those tempted to change the truth, real truth is immutable. Mr. Obama has drawn the line in the sand and there is No middle ground. It’s decision time America, Right or Wrong…Truth or Lies, you must choose sides no matter how many or how few stand with us, you must not equivocate because this could be our last stand, and there is no room for betrayal of the people, your word or Hybrids.