I wish I were Amish. I really do.

Not in the religious sense of the word. More so in the 100 years behind, cow milking, TV-free sense of the word. Yes, me – gadget loving, Netflix watching, Tweet-casting, city girl. I love my life and all that I have, but dude – those Amish folks are going to outlive us all.

I’m not one of those who has a doomsday bunker. I don’t obsess about possible earth-shattering scenarios (very often). I am very much a 21st century Millennial, in every sense of the word. But, when I look at my screens, of all sizes, I can’t help but wonder if these foreboding headlines are actually real threats.

North Korean Nuke Nonsense

It seems that every direction we look, someone of something is out to get us. There’s the threat of North Korea. Sure, they’ve threatened us before, and we’re still here, so it’s understandable that many Americans aren’t taking the threats seriously. But, the truth of the matter is that North Korea’s got a new leader in Kim Jong Un, who may just be off-the-rails enough to start a full blown nuclear war. Their missile technology may not be sophisticated enough to get a nuke on our mainland quite yet, but hey. We have no reason NOT to believe that a country who hates us, that is being led by a crazy man wants to hurt us.

The talk of the global locker room is that our current administration is weak, so there’s a lot going into play right now. We may have been threatened in the past, but this threat is definitely more intense, being that its coming from a new leader, who surely doesn’t want to be seen as a weakling who makes empty threats. On top of that, we have a President known for his weak foreign policy.

If North Korea or any other American-flag-burning country is going to nuke one of our territories, I’m guessing its going to be one with a military base (like Guam), one that’s highly populated (like…any major coastal city), or somewhere of national importance (Capitol Hill?). I don’t see them striking on a small colony of jam jarring Amish folks…do you?

EMP Attack

North Korea is not the only country that hates us. We’ve got others like Iran, wanting to wipe us off the planet. And, forget nuclear explosions on land. What if we get struck by an EMP attack? An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, would send the US back into the 17th century. Anything run by electricity would cease functioning – I mean, something like this would affect our water, our food, our heaters and air conditioners. Cars would stop functioning. Banks would have no record of your money. Countless people (like me) who depend on the internet and computers for their job would be out of work.

You know which group of people would be sitting pretty, churning their butter and reading by candlelight? The Amish.

Crumbling From Within

Forget our global enemies. Look at what is happening within our own borders. We just caught wind that a federal judge has ordered the FDA to make the “Morning After” pill available over-the-counter to people of all ages.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is now considering “loosening” their standards when it comes to network nudity and profanity – allowing for “brief nudity” and more cursing when you turn on your TV, with your 2-year-old in the room.

Half the country is oblivious to all that’s happening globally because they are tunnel-visioned on a rainbow flag with the word “equality” scrawled across it. This group is fighting for gay marriage – a fight that, if won, would cause education systems to begin teaching our Kindergardeners that being gay is a completely good and acceptable part of life. How do you suppose this will affect religious institutions that teach against homosexuality, or even just pre-marital sex?

I saw an article this week about pedophelia being recognized in California as an acceptable “sexual orientation” just like homosexuality. I can’t vouch for that article, because I haven’t seen it covered on any credible news sources, but I’ve got to be honest. When I saw the headline, the possibility of it being true didn’t shock me one bit.

Morality is now subjective, in this country, and if you live in a big city, you can’t possibly shield your children’s eyes from the billboards and radio commercials and all the other little avenues that the media is using to indoctrinate our youth that “what works for you, works.”

You know who reads the classics to their kids every night and doesn’t have to fight this culture battle as hard as we city-folk? The Amish.

Now, do you understand? I love my iPad. I love that I can drive for 5 minutes, in my car, and be surrounded by tall, sparkly buildings with important suits walking in and out of them. But, our country is standing on a teeter-totter. All we need to do is sneeze and this whole instant-gratification dream we’ve all been living is kaputt.

I’m not sure what solution I have to offer other than…move out to the country, learn how to plant your own vegetables, and try to depend less on technology…but, really, who is going to do that? You won’t see me putting my iPad in storage any time soon.

The Amish are already there. Have they had it right all along?