In a world where the gun control campaign was not heavily laced with politics, liberal vendettas against “gun-clingers,” and self-realization through sanctimony, a true effort to control gun violence would be include a major initiative to curtail kids’ access to violent video games and movies.

In a Wall Street Journal piece Thursday, Campbell Brown, whom I knew slightly when she was an NBC White House reporter, made herself one of the few members of the elite journalism establishment to raise the issue of media violence in a serious way, suggesting Obama is uniquely positioned to address the matter because of the money he gets from the entertainment industry.

She writes:

The president’s campaign against gun violence has produced a stale debate marked by lots of speeches with little achieved. A more creative chief executive would have used this moment to widen the discussion by drawing attention to the increasingly graphic violence so pervasive in television shows, movies and videogames . . .

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