Okay, you win. Dems, liberals, progressives, radicals, leftists and other assorted occupiers of the halls of power, you beat us. While many on the Right are licking their wounds and assigning blame for the election last month, I have thrown in the towel. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So, for the last month, I have been changing my colors. I’ve gone over to the team in the driver’s seat and, so all of you can follow the path that I am blazing, I have kept a journal. This way, all of you can join me in the promised land of governmental enforced equality.

11/7/12   What the heck happened last night?? I thought the nation would see Romney as the natural choice to lead the nation out of the quagmire we’re in. That, and this hangover, really has me dragging today. I may as well skip work as I don’t want to hear it from the libs in the office. Not the right thing to do but it isn’t fair for me to have to go in when I feel this bad. I will play on the computer a little while.

Later: Just played four hours of Farmville on FB. What was I thinking by bad-mouthing the people that play this and Angry Birds all day long instead of working? This is great. Hungry now!

Night: Wow, never thought about it but it is sure hot for November. Drove past some factories spitting out smoke made me start thinking. I know, rationally and scientifically, that the Earth has been warming naturally since the last mini-Ice Age and that science has proven that there has been no global warming at all in the last 16+ years, but all that smoke makes you want to ignore all that facty stuff.

11/8/12   Called the boss to say I think I have a virus. Just not feeling the work vibe today. Stayed up late to watch the news. Jon Stewart and Letterman really got me caught up on the events I have been missing. I need to get back online to see if someone replied to my request for a plow on Farmville. (On that note, don’t farmers suck? They should be doing something about the price of the stuff at the grocery store! I wish someone would do something if they won’t. It is not fair.)

11/9/12   J Decided to make it a three-peat and call in. This bug must have really gotten to me. I don’t see why I should have to work so hard for someone else anyway. I am just making them rich and they don’t listen to me when I try to make suggestions. The owner probably inherited his money anyway. Jerk. I know for a fact Mr. Richie Rich sends his kids to a private school so his kids don’t have to mingle with us. I am down for Sean Penn & Hollywood making their bank and, of course, Lebron James busts his butt for his millions but where do the guys bossing us at work all of the time get off making us their slaves?? Not fair, man. I am so thankful I got smart enough to step away from the “small government, self-sufficient” stuff for a minute. I gotta do some more thinking. Have I been wrong?

11/10/12   Football!! Got the beer and the guys coming over!

Later: We won the game but things didn’t go well. Everybody was harping about politics. I told them I was “growing up” a little and that ticked them off. I tried to make them consider a bigger, worldlier view but they wouldn’t. I think the beer was talking but I found myself wishing I could have taken a shot at Frank when he went on about free market stuff. I realized later that I was really ticked off and actually glad I didn’t own a gun. Got me thinking….

Much later: Can’t sleep. Starting to realize that I shouldn’t have a gun since I had those thoughts. Should ANYONE be allowed to? Seems to me, if people didn’t have them, shootings would go down. Wouldn’t be as many murders or suicides either. While I don’t think the government should decide everything for us, seems like if they take the guns, criminals would not have them, thus crime goes down. Pretty smart actually.

11/11/12   Was getting dressed for church but decided to skip that too while I am on my strike against doing stuff. J I ordered a pizza and am waiting for NFL kickoff. May have a couple of girls coming over to watch. Fingers crossed for getting lucky!

Later: Was flipping around and saw 60 Minutes doing something on that Benghazi thing. We made a video that ticks them off and then the President has to make peace with the Middle Eastern people we’ve abused over the years. America being the world’s cop always gets us in trouble! Sucks but we should not be over there anyway. They deserve to live without us lording over them. The US government should be worried about telling the banks and business here what to do instead of minding everyone else’s business overseas. Why do we have soldiers all over the world? We rebelled against England when they did the same thing (and wasn’t the Boston Tea Party terrorism too??? People in Palestine are no different and want freedom from the land-stealing Jews). We should mind our own business and let countries fend for themselves. Instead, we should worry more about making the people here to do what they should. With all the huge sugary drinks and guns being bought, people driving all they want with no idea of the harm to the environment, companies just dumping oil into the sea! Who will stand up and control this???

11/12/12   Work SUCKS! After being out five days, I did NOT want to go back. Just seemed like everyone was pushing papers and talking down to me. Almost rear-ended a Lexus at a stoplight and the guy flipped me off. I’m all for getting along but not with guys like that. Why am I driving a 1990s Corolla when he has that? Honestly, they don’t tax him enough if he can buy such a flashy car. I can remember when I was little and stupid. I would see a car like that and think I’ll have that if I work hard. What a crock! I work hard and what do I have??  Where’s mine? If they cut a bigger share from Mr. Lexus, he would still have a million and the rest can be shared with hard-workers like me.

Later: Went to the store for chips and sodas, etc. Condoms are getting so expensive. What are they made of, gold? Wish I could do something about that. If I were President, I would control the prices of things that we need. So simple if only we would do it!

11/13/12   Heard my boss complaining about his yard guy being late. Bet he pays him in cash since he is an “illegal alien.” Guys not from Star Wars or anything just because he doesn’t have papers. Instead of bad-mouthing an undocumented citizen of the US, we should help to educate him and his family & make sure they have medical care and a decent home. We are so wealthy while they have nothing. I tried to say something but the boss cut me off. Jerk. (Somebody scratched his BMW in the lot today. Heh heh.)

11/14/12   Sick day. Darn cold reemerged. J Work sucks!

11/15/12   Ditto.

11/16/12   Day from h*ll! That jerk fired me. Said I was unreliable and had been on thin ice and the coming “tax increases” are forcing cut backs. Like him having to pay more of his fair share is wrong. I cannot begin to understand what gives him to right. I read on HuffPo that unions protect you from things like this (I used to hate them but now it is clear how they should protect the little guy). Regardless of how good you do your job, it basically said the union reps make the company keep you so it is fair. Wish we had had a union. I spent all afternoon filing for unemployment and it was a nightmare. I am going to have to prove I looked for three jobs a week to get the money I deserve. I love that the government will pay me to look hard for work but how do I pay my bills, have a life and save? I will have to get up early tomorrow and bust it.

Later: Went downtown for a few beers. Buddy said he’s been on unemp for over a year. Said that I can get a phone and other stuff too. Even said you can just go on welfare (don’t want that but it could work in a pinch) or disability after that to keep getting the money I deserve. I hear the commercials for that stuff all of the time now but haven’t really paid attention. Sounds pretty cool. He bought my beer tonight, so it must be paying off for him. Still gonna work on the job hunt early in the AM.

11/17/12   The games were not that great today so I just bummed around. Stressed about this job stuff. Seems everywhere I went today, I would see a fancy car or place I want to go but lack the $. So ticked off…it isn’t right. I saw a group gathered downtown and found out they help the more progressive segment of the country move towards equal fairness in all things. I don’t know if that is possible but the stuff they gave me to read about how the UN pretty much has to fight the US to even the playing field was interesting.

Also got a flyer that confirmed my new thoughts on the warming stuff. They are all over the problem and, with new taxes and controls, they will force the oil fat-cats to stop drilling and make clean energy. I know it doesn’t exist now but, if they are forced to do without oil, they will come up with something quick. That’s how America has done it in the past. Green energy is the way to go, man. I love that Obama is taking from the greedy and pushing billions to the windfarms, ethanol, solar, and stuff like Volts. That’s the future. We make the clean technology through all that smart investment and help the car unions protect the workers making the eco-friendly cars so needed for the future. Brilliant. Forget the supply & demand stuff from 100 years ago. The government is the one that should demand what is supplied. That way, we can make sure Mother Earth is here for our grandkids. I can almost weep thinking about my kids one day asking me what a tree is. Heartbreaking! We have almost destroyed the planet by letting companies run things. The government needs to make the decisions since most people are not smart enough to do things right. Inspired stuff.

The UN is also making it a better place for the little guys (Palestine, the freedom fighters of the Muslim Brotherhood, poor countries like North Korea and others in Africa) by making sure that the takers in the world (like the US, etc) are made to be fair to those that need. So eye-opening! I really have been stupid on so many levels. I am going to meet up with this group again in a few. (I’ve not been into the grungy chicks much in the past but there were a few cute girls there too. Seems they care more than me about the contraception stuff. They have been put down for so long, it is about time they take control of their life by having their birth control paid for. Only fair…and more fun for me if I get lucky. Haha. Gotta love slutty girls that think having sex makes them independent, smart and liberated.)

11/18/12   Watching the Redskins game today but suddenly realized that, especially after yesterday, the name is sort of racist. I learned in college that the whites took the lands from the NATIVE Americans but never really thought about it. I’ve been a Braves and Redskins fan my whole life and never noticed how that makes me just as bad as my white, raping/pillaging ancestors that took the lands. Wow, feel so bad. I can’t even donate my Washington Redskins Native Americans stuff to charity as it is racist. Also, really thought about the violence in the football game differently. If you think about it, we are just like the people at a Roman coliseum waiting for someone to die in the fight or the racing car rednecks waiting for a wreck. The League should control the hits more so people can walk and think when they get out. Just another example of the rich not caring about minorities and the little guy.

Starting to realize that we need to push for reparations for all of the people of color that we’ve harmed in the past. I know plenty of people come here and work hard and make a good living but the people that have lived here for generations are still trapped by what we did. Of course they are not going to have self-respect or work hard or study after what we did to their distant relatives 150+ years ago. We are so discriminatory…may as well be wearing hoods.

11/19/12   The job hunt thing is killing me and it is a holiday week so I am taking a vacation. No more breaking my back. I slept in, hung out with the neighbor downstairs and, for the first time in forever, I got high. Forgot how focused your thoughts get with weed. We could solve the world’s problems overnight if all the presidents just got high together and chilled out. Also, sort of happy they are legalizing it in so many places. Very progressive.

11/22/12   Thanksgiving with the family. Been back home the last few days. Nice to pig out and not worry about paying for it (had mom do my clothes to boot). Not all smooth sailing though. Got to talking politics and business at the table and tried to show my dad/granddad the light. Grandaddy went on about the war stuff (I tried to educated him on the fact that WWII was mainly about US racism in the world coming back to bite us like Tom Hanks said but he went on about this “Greatest Generation” trash. I gave up.) and my dad kept asking me when I would get a job. I told him I didn’t have to just get any job as the money I had paid into the system was now being paid back to me for unemployment. He tried to say my old boss paid that but he is so clueless. I swear, between the “America saving the world stuff,” and “work hard and pull your own weight” tripe on top of the fact that we were celebrating “White Men Kill the Indian Day” was too much. Of course the vile “R**skins” (can’t even write it any more) were playing football too. The food was good and my clothes were cleaned so I take that as a victory.

11/23/12   Happy Farmville/Angry Birds Marathon Day! Work is for suckers! (Smoked a little with my bud downstairs too)

11/24/12   Skipping the organized college and professional violence games this weekend. Got my check deposited for my grueling job-hunting so I am hitting a movie or three today (pay for one & sneak into the others….haha).

11/24/12   Watched an interview with the truly brilliant Debbie Wasserman Schultz today (wondering….is she related to the equally smart Ed Schultz? Need to Google it). She was genius talking about how we on the Left are leading the way in various big issues:

  • Forcing churches into same sex marriages (they are raping little boys so they should have to let boys marry other boys, right?). We need to get this mainstream so it is the norm. Where do churches get off deciding who should be together???
  • Immigration…so unfair that we have so much when our southern brothers do not. (She didn’t say it but it is so smart what they are doing. The more we let in, the more voters that support having a compassionate government that provides for all. The party of rich, white men blathering about the Constitution will be history.) She also hit on the GOP’s immigration insanity. They complain about having a non-threating boarder and how they want to pick on our dark-skinned brothers at airports. How fair is that? The Dems make so much sense. We should frisk Grandma, a three-year old and a soldier the same way.
  • She touched on something Hillary Clinton made famous concerning how it taking all of us to raise a child, not just one/two parents. As the child is a product of society, it is up to all of us to raise him/her (or neutral if we decide not to impose outdated gender identities on the child). A single parent or two is not fit to make decisions that will mold a child. The schools should be making it more of a partnership so that all have a say in how a child is raised. It isn’t 1950s with Beaver Cleaver any more, is it? If the schools and government take the lead in raising our kids, we can make sure they believe the right things.

12/01/12   Saw on TV about a Kansas City Chief (ANOTHER racist football name…the government has to make them change that!) that shot his girlfriend and then himself. Poor guy. He was probably from an impoverished family and wasn’t taught better. We have to do something about this violence. If that guy didn’t have a gun, no one would be dead today but the NRA nuts keeps selling the bazookas and scream 2nd Amendment (like you need some machine gun to hunt a deer….don’t get me started about that too….been thinking about going vegan to be fair….more about that soon). You would think that we could be more like Great Britain on this. We got smart and copied their health system (saw a GREAT Michael Moore docu last night, btw. Did you know even Cuba has a better hospital system than us??? When I get a job, I am going to save up money and move there or Venezuela or somewhere else nice and sane.) and we should do it on guns too. So simple: NO GUNS, NO SHOOTING, NO VIOLENCE!

Later: Forgot it was World AIDS DAY until a friend invited me to a meeting. I never realized that Ronald Reagan was the real cause AIDS came about, though I am not surprised after learning the facts. Between that, trying to crush unions just looking out for REAL Americans, attempting to start WWIII with the Soviet Union and the like, I can’t understand why some worship him instead of a REAL worldly President like B.O.!

12/02/12   Bob Costas nailed it on TV tonight about the gun thing. This is really eye-opening for me. What have I been thinking? Instead of putting poor guys from broken homes in prison, we should be taking their guns away, giving them a decent home and let them live like the rest of us. I am so going to join the Occupy army in the spring. They are like really vocal about how unfair the capitalists are in this country. We all work hard and should all get a part of the pie. It is the American dream yet the 1% keeps the cash while we work for nothing (not to mention the 3rd world countries working for pennies to make our junk). I know I am on unemployment but I will get a job again and work just as hard as I was before. I deserve more than a few hundred dollars a week for this stress.

12/03/12   Eye-opening day. I got a call from a girl I decided to hook up with last month and she says she pregnant. Like she wants me to do something about it?? I talked her into getting it “taken care of” so we should be good. She wants me to go with her though. Uggh. It is just a lump of cells so what is the big deal? It is not like it is someone with a brain. People are all for executing a “criminal” just because they killed someone else but get upset about a few cells! Idiots. The guys on death row were all brought up in broken homes so they should die? Where is the justice in that? People with that background don’t have any say in their life. They were driven to it. So sad that cops think killing stops killing, especially when it was all because of upbringing. Anyway, I gotta get up early and “Abort Abort!” haha (We have like 39 weeks to get this done, thanks to heroes like President O who fought for that right before he was Prez, so why do we have to get up tomorrow and do it??? I wanted to hang out downstairs again. Whatever. She’s going to do it and, bonus, someone else will pay for it. Someone at Planned Parenthood told us about it. Score!)

12/04/12   WOW. Now I see what my girl Fluke was talking about. I am so glad that insurance will cover these things under Obama. Nobody should have to ruin their life just because of a little sex. Even if it they don’t catch it quick like we did. Some kooks try to make it out like the thing is a baby and like they have to stab it with scissors like Freddy Kruger or something. Can’t be like that, I’m sure. They are just trying to scare people into ruining their lives. Abortions help society. I read that blacks have a lot of abortions and, since more of them live in poverty, there will be less poor kids this way. It will even be better with the government paying so more families can be helped that way! Very cool stuff.

12/05/12   I am already sick of the holiday music everywhere. Don’t they know everyone doesn’t celebrate Xmas? Sorta rude really. Bad enough we push everyone in other countries around but we ignore the Constitution and ram religion down everyone’s throat. It plainly says we keep it separate. Love that Obama is fighting that fight. He even has NASA finding ways to reach out to Muslims and stuff so we can show the world we are not Christians. So smart! Instead of spending a trillion dollars to shoot a rocket into space, we can try to get everyone to see that we’re evolving.

Later: I did my part. After making sure my unemployment check deposited, I ordered a cool COEXIST bumper sticker for my car. I am going to get a Darwin fish thing to put on it too. If we want everyone to have a happy holiday, we need to show that we are trying to get along.

12/06/12   The three-jobs per week hunt thing is stupid. Such a hassle. They just need to give me the money. I’ll find a job. Also, along the same lines, confirmed that the “Obamaphone” thing is true and signed up online. Sweet! No more phone bill!

12/07/12   Pearl Harbor talk today. Tried again to bring the Tom Hanks truth to some people on the street but they wouldn’t listen. It is amazing what you miss when you bury your head.

12/10/12   UN Human Rights Day today. Went to a talk about how Agenda 21 is going to remake the world as it should be. So exciting. We went into how the plan to control Earth’s resources and population is already being implemented in cities & states, nationally & internationally, and it is breathtakingly cool. By allowing a sane governing group to make the decisions instead of greedy individual countries, we can all coexist peacefully. No more individual armies fighting, no more guns, no more pollution, no more shoveling money into keeping old people or defects alive so that the productive people can thrive (within certain parameters of course). We can finally achieve a progressive, post-capitalist society! The smart people will finally be allowed to run the show, bettering everyone.

12/11/12   I blew off the job-hunt (such a drag having to file those reports…uggh) and did some reading on the immigration unfairness in the US. I didn’t know that we had Ted Kennedy to thank for relaxing the immigration standards and letting more people in. Before that, it was controlled and mainly just educated and working people were admitted, totally contrary to the promise to the “tired, poor and unwashed masses” we promised to care for in the Constitution or wherever. He was the true patriot that made it so the underprivileged could come here and partake of our bounty (that we had stolen from the Mexicans and Native Americans anyway…only fair).

Later: My phone arrived today. Very cool. Free smartphone and minutes each month. It is so great that the government is providing the essentials. Fairness rules!

12/12/12   It dawns on me that, as we approach the *mas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah (for the war-mongers out there)/Winter Solstice celebrations, it is just going to be a better world when everyone can get high without fear, coexist with the Muslim freedom fighters and poor of the world, get rid of the guns and violence in society, create pollution-free /cheap energy, and have the government give us our house/food/phone/insurance/retirement/etc. It is within our reach if the tea bag kooks on the right would just get out of the UN/President’s way. Why is it so simple for the intelligent people see when these dopes fight progress? They cling to their guns and religion while we are fighting for a fair future. So sad! During my Winter Solstice celebration, I will be hoping for the continued success of our enlightened, progressive army.


(On a serious note, we have now re-elected Meathead from “All in the Family” to continue running the country into the ground and the idiot thinking parodied above reigns. Say a prayer we make it. Also, my apology to a true President, Ronald Reagan, for the slander in the above fictional account. J)

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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.