That statement seems a little confusing, since they used Santa Claus, a fictional character, to promote their message of not believing in fairy tales. Do they not see the absurdity of writing to Santa about Jesus, the true reason for Christmas, not being real?

Around the Christmas season there are always people who are looking to ruin the Christmas cheer that most Christians seem to have. This year, the group that takes the lead is American Atheists. They have placed their billboards across several southern cities and have gained quite a bit of attention from Christians.

As Opposing Views reported, the billboard “depicts a young girl writing a letter to Santa Claus that reads, ‘Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.’”


It’s a shame, the message they are sending to whomever can read the sign. Christmas is — or should be — centered around Christ, since Christmas is the celebration of Jesus and his birth.

American Atheist is a group based out of New Jersey and have spread their signs in Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis and Springdale, Arkansas. They were aiming to gain the attention of “in-the-closet atheists” and ensure that they didn’t feel the pressure of having to attend a religious service during the holiday season.

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