Imagine a world in which if you’re a liberal professor you can get away with saying anything and if you’re a conservative professor you have to censor everything you say – oh wait, that is reality. In between stories about Syria and the economy, yesterday a video emerged of a Michigan State University professor slamming Republicans on the first day of class. After seeing and hearing things like this, it really makes me question why students and parents would waste their hard earned money on courses like the one this man teaches.

William Penn who teaches English (it may have been a little more plausible if he taught political science or something related to politics) is just one of many typical liberal professors who can get away with slandering millions of people at a time, stepping on the Bible in class, or bashing conservative students for their views. I cannot even imagine a conservative professor doing this; it would be the headline on every main steam media’s prime time show. This is a clear and unjustifiable double standard in American colleges and universities in particular. If I were a parent and watched this video and my son or daughter went to that school or was in that specific class I would want a reimbursement for that courses credit and my son or daughter removed from the course.

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