Check out why Joe The Plumber is Offended.

That’s right brother – you’ve been offended by me with impunity for the last time. I’m sick of you being offended and now I’m putting it back in your court: I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m offended that you’re offended..

I’m offended that millions and millions of “illegal aliens” overloading hospitals and emergency rooms, running up the welfare rolls, flooding the prison system and yes – taking our jobs doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore. Illegal immigrants are now undocumented workers, and if I say put up a fence, you’re offended? I’m the bad guy? This offends the hell out of me.

Does my listening to Charlie Daniels offend you? What else of what I like and believe in offends you? The fact that I believe in GOD and want to worship him openly seems to offend you – or is it my hatred of abortion being used as birth control? When I fight for the rights of the unborn, does that offend you? Well guess what – I’m offended by that too!

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