You probably know the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. I think it is important at this time to remind everyone of this tune, of the time in which it was written and just how stupid a set of lyrics it contains. The ramping up of America’s cultural decline began in the 60’s. Communist drivel like “Imagine” was embraced as a dreamy possibility. If you don’t know or can’t recall the song look it up. Now let’s look at this lyrical gem for the idiocy it is.


Imagine there’s no heaven, It’s easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky


Ok imagine that. No Heaven or Hell equals no consequences, in the end for how we live our lives. We can live in any way we want and do anything we want. We can have baby mamas by the scads with no baby dadas around. We can abort thousands and thousands of other babies off hand. We can be dishonest scum living off hard working people. We can do lots of things we might not otherwise if we just get rid of any consequences.

Then there’s this:


Imagine no more countries, It isn’t hard to do


This one’s for all the “open borders” types. How would this work exactly? Of course our southern border is basically open so we’re now millions deep in illegal aliens. But really just imagine no countries. I can’t. How could Lennon have written this silliness?


Nothing to kill and die for, and no religion too


There will always be someone killing or dying for something. At least as long as there are humans around. Around the world there are countries going bankrupt. Citizens are rioting against austerity measures. The same people who allowed their liberal governments to enslave them in debt and dependence are crying now that the bill is due and there ain’t the money to pay. Maybe they should just imagine there’re no countries and then they won’t owe any. As the economic mess deepens and people get hungry we will see what they kill and die for. A can of peas perhaps.


As far as “no religion too”. I know who can imagine that big time. The liberal secular left is an enemy to religion. They can’t stand the idea of a community that relies on its churches especially during hard times. Our liberal/socialist administration has to have us all dependent on THEM and nobody and nothing else. Religion exists for a reason. We have a final destination and it’s not here. I don’t know what problem Lennon had with religion. I also don’t know why so many on the left trash religion. If you don’t believe, then fine. Shut up already. Leave the rest of us, and our institutions alone.


Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can

The dream goes on. No possessions, no greed, no hunger. Brotherhood. Seriously man. The world is full of stuff and we all need stuff so who’d control all the stuff since we wouldn’t own any of it? What do I do when I need a shovel? Maybe I go to one of many “non-possession” centers and requisition a shovel for the day. I don’t get it. Now greed gets crapped on a lot but we all have at least a little of it. It’s a good thing to have wants. It’s good to work for something. Greed is natural in normal people. Get off greed’s back.


The “brotherhood of man” Lennon imagined might sound nice but it will never be reality. Not all people are honest, hard working, caring, loving, fair, etc. Even so there are those like Obama who want to force their definition of “fairness” and social justice” on the rest of us and attempt to “level the field”.


Imagine communism that’s NOT enforced at the end of a gun. Yeah, just imagine.