Anjem Choudary, the British Muslim imam who advocates Sharia law for Britain and calls British soldiers murderers, says the royal wedding in London April 29 is a likely target for a terrorist attack.

Quoting Choudary, London’s Daily Mail reports that the forthcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton might well be a target, and Choudary won’t likely bat an eye if it happens. Choudary, an orthodox Muslim, has repeatedly and publicly justified Koran injunctions that “infidels,” meaning anyone who is not a Muslim, must die.

Choudary was nothing if not candid about what the royals can expect, the Daily Mail reported:

All Muslims should stay away from the public gatherings like the Royal wedding and the Olympics because there is a very high likelihood of an attack.

Prime targets most probably would be public gatherings like that, so I think Muslims in general should stay away to avoid injury.

Choudary also said such an attack must be applauded because of the royal family’s manifest evil:

If my brothers decide to use the opportunity when the world is looking at the Royal Family to pass a message so that we can avoid more deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, that should be applauded.

Prince William has been on military duty in Afghanistan, as well as his brother.

I believe that the Queen and her children are supportive of the war in Afghanistan, which translates to us as a war against Muslims.

Choudary has a long history of hatred for his country and the West.

His Muslim street thugs disrupted a homecoming parade in Luton, just outside London, for British soldiers returning from duty in Afghanistan. British GIs, he says, are cowards and “brutal murderers.” And murdering non-Muslims is a holy cause because “infidels” reject Allah. He wants British Muslims to help terrorists and has called for the execution of Pope Benedict XVI

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