For me this whole immigration debate is preposterous. We have this “the Gang of Eight” pushing a massive bill of about 1,000 pages of incomprehensible legalese that changes, modifies, or adds to another 1,000 pages of existing laws. Speaking of the “Gang of Eight” I have to stop here and take a little detour in order to discuss this whole notion of “gangs” in the Senate. We’ve had the Gang of six, the Gang of 14, and now the Gang of eight. Does anyone even know where this “Gang of…” term began? The original “Gang” was the “Gang of four.” They were not members of the United States Congress; they were not even in the United States. They were four member of the Chinese Communist Party, one of whom was the Chairman’s last wife. This “Gang” controlled the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1967, and with Mao’s death this gang soon found their end as well. They led the effort to remove all capitalist, traditional, and cultural elements from China and replace them with Maoist Communist ideals and iconography. So when the latest Gang of whatever gets up to speak and denigrate those that oppose them, just remember from where they take their cute little title. Furthermore, why is John McCain always on these subversive “Gangs?”

Okay, enough of that, back to something else – immigration. So this pseudo-proletariat gang in the Senate wants us to believe that a massive overhaul of the process of immigration will somehow make us stronger, freer, and more secure; but yet, that is what our elected representatives in Washington tell us about everything they do. They have to justify their existence by passing laws and changing the status quo so they can then come back to their districts and tell us what a great job they are doing on our behalf. At which point we all cheer and clap and walk into the voting booth and pull the lever for the man whose name we remember the most. One of many problems is that most of the things they change and reform are not on our behalf, but rather, against our interests. As is immigration reform.

First, this bill is yet another attempt at controlling illegal immigration. We’ve been down this road before, and nothing stops it – mainly that is due to our failure of enforcing the laws. Which, by the way, is the job of the President, you know that single man that sits in the Oval Office and is directed by the constitution to execute the Laws passed by Congress. So who’s to say this new set of laws will be any different?

Second, if passed, these are more laws and regulation piled on to yet another bureaucracy that will need more money, more personnel, and more resources – all of which are in short supply to the tune of about $17 Trillion.

Third, if you are here illegally why would you want to come “out of the shadows?” You’re not being deported as it is now, you don’t have to pay taxes, your kids get a free education, you’re provided healthcare so long as you go to the emergency room when you need it, you get to drive a car and if you are pulled over you cannot be harassed about your status, and on top of it all you are still living in the greatest nation on the face of the planet – especially in comparison to where you came from. So tell me again why an illegal immigrant would want to come out of the shadows? Along with all of this it seems that often times it is the natural-born US American that is treated as the second-class citizen and not the one who is breaking the law every day they wake up.

Lastly, does anyone really believe that the bureaucracy, the leviathan blob that is the Federal government, will have the capability to check things like the new “blue card” for agricultural workers, visas, green cards, integration, English language standards, Homeland security issues, tax issues, educational issues, healthcare issues, and on, and on? And I cannot forget about all the “triggering” mechanisms in place for failures and successes. If this happens, then that happens, etc. there are so many things that the DHS must comply with, and if they don’t, then the responsibility automatically falls on the border-states; so, then they have to come up with all these new levels of bureaucracy and enforcement, and security, and on, and on it goes infinitum.

I am certainly not condoning doing nothing, because obviously the system we have now (the status quo) is not working, but nearly 1,000 pages of more government, more regulation, and more laws doesn’t seem to be the answer either. What we need is to secure the border now, stop the overwhelming flow of illegal immigration, and then slowly work through the existing infrastructure to get people “out of the shadows.” We don’t need a mamby-pamby way of attacking this, or we will be right back where we started. We need a forceful and direct assault on illegal activities – including employers that employ illegal immigrants, to show that we mean business. Then, we can reassess the situation and take further action if needed.
One thing for certain, we don’t need what they are offering.