Boehner could “conference” any bill or group of bills the House passes related to immigration with the Senate’s controversial immigration bill. In conference, representatives for House GOP leadership would negotiate with Senate Democratic leadership, and potentially the White House, on what they would call a “compromise” on immigration reform.

Conservatives do not trust Boehner and his team to stand up to Senate Democrats in conference, so they are advocating the House refuse to pass any legislation for fear it could be molded into a “compromise” that looks just like or is identical language to the Senate bill.

Conservative columnist and best-selling author Ann Coulter, who has been warning for months about such a conference strategy by amnesty advocates, believes the House should not pass any immigration bills, regardless of their individual merit. She argues that pro-amnesty lawmakers may use a conference as a vehicle to get the Senate bill or something like it to President Barack Obama’s desk, where he can sign it into law.

“Right now, people who don’t want amnesty have to call the House and say they don’t want any immigration bill until we have a Republican Senate,” Coulter said in a late-June appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity. “If they pass a bill that does nothing but enforce e-verify, does nothing but enforce the fence, it will go into conference with the Senate and it will come out an amnesty bill.”

Coulter added that she suspects Boehner “secretly wants” amnesty for illegal immigrants:

Nothing will happen with a vote to enforce E-verify, which by the way is a one-page simple bill; they could do that right away if they were serious about enforcing the border. But I don’t trust and perhaps I’m wrong, I hope he will prove me wrong. I think John Boehner secretly wants the amnesty and he want as fig leaf to make it took like, “Oh, no we just voted on the fence.” No, a vote on the fence in the House is a vote for amnesty.

“Ann Coulter got it exactly right,” added that senior GOP congressional aide who warned that Republicans are “scared to death” about what Boehner could do.


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