We are a nation of immigrants — our forefathers came from Europe to escape religious and economic oppression and founded a new nation where all men were equal. At least that was the plan. When our nation was founded and right up to the first part of the 20th century, the individuals arriving on our shores had strong work-ethics, were committed to their adopted nation, and were proud and grateful to be here. That’s no longer the case. Today new immigrants demand their “rights” while taking everything we have to offer, yet refusing to assimilate into our society.
My grandparents on both sides of the family arrived in the late 1890’s, one generation before “The Great Depression”. My grandfather arrived in the US with the clothes he wore, one change of clothes, twelve dollars in his pocket and he didn’t speak English. Did he snivel and demand that somebody provide him the necessities of life? No – He went out and got a job because if you didn’t work, you didn’t eat.
Both my grandfathers took any job they could find while working their way to Scranton, PA., and got jobs working the coal mines. They didn’t have the luxury of sitting on the couch waiting for welfare or unemployment checks to arrive; they did back-breaking work 14 to 16 hours per day for little more the slave wages. They assimilated into the American fabric of life, learned English and practiced American customs. They were not Polish-Americans or Russian- Americans, they were simply Americans. They all became American citizens and were damn proud of it. If you talked to my grandfather Alex and paused long enough to take a breath, he would tell you how proud he was to be an American and show you his citizenship papers. His wife, Stella, took in laundry and cleaned houses for other people. They both scrimped, saved and did without, and finally when he was sixty years old, they fulfilled the American dream and bought their own house, paying cash. They spoke Polish and Russian to each other – at home, but when in public or speaking to others, they proudly spoke English, even though they were not exactly fluent.
My mother told me that the proudest day in her father’s life was the day he got his citizenship papers, the second proudest day was when he bought the first suit he ever owned (it was also the ONLY one he ever owned). He wore that suit on Sundays, Holidays and Election Day, and since there was no sense in letting a good suit go to waste, he was buried in it.
Now compare that to the immigrants of today. Eric ‘Fast and Furious’ Holder says “the immigrants of today have a ‘civil right’ to come to the United States”. What? Sorry, but we have a Statue of Liberty – not a Statue of necessity. The type of immigrants America admits was dramatically altered by Teddy Kennedys’ 1965 Immigration Act. Since 1969, 85 percent of LEGAL immigrants have come from Third World Countries. Most are illiterate and bring Third World levels of poverty, disease, illegitimacy and domestic violence with them. When they can’t make it in America, they simply go on welfare and become a burden on the American taxpayers. They then become disillusioned and sometimes strike out against Americans as the Boston bombers recently did.
We should also take a hard look at those we do admit today – too often, people whose only goal in life is killing Americans. We admit thousands of Muslims while most atrocities committed against us has been by Muslims. They still live in the Middle Ages and expect us to change our customs and laws to comply with theirs. We didn’t ask you to come here – you asked us, if you don’t like it here, take advantage of another American freedom, the right to leave. If things were so great in your home country, why the hell did you leave it?
The Embassy bombings, the bombing of the USS Cole and the World Trade Center bombings (twice) were the latest high-profile cases, but Muslims never pass up a chance to kill Americans. Here are some examples you may not have heard about:
1993 — Two people were killed outside CIA headquarters by Pakistani immigrant Mir Qazi, a driver for a courier company. Must be hard to find an American who can drive.
1997 — Christopher Burmeister was killed in a mass shooting at the Empire State Building by Pakistani immigrant Ali Hassan Abu Kamal, who arrived here two months earlier at age 68. Hey, just in time to draw Social Security! Smart move.
2002 — You probably don’t remember it but I’ll bet the families of the stewardess and passenger killed by Hesham Hadayet when he shot up the El Al ticket counter in the LA airport do. Hesham, a desperately-needed limousine driver received refugee status because he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.
2009 — Don’t forget the 13 soldiers murdered and 35 wounded at Fort Hood by “accused” shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan who was the son of Palestinian immigrants. He had “Soldier of Allah” on his military business cards, but who noticed?
Five people were murdered at the Trolley Square shopping center in Salt Lake City by Sulejam Talovic, a Muslim high-school dropout. Just what we needed – more resentful Muslims.
There should be ZERO immigrants accepting government assistance, ZERO immigrants demanding that we speak their language or print all our documents in their language. They should understand that when they arrive here, it is up to them to change, adapt and assimilate — not us.
We have enough home-grown losers here that we’re stuck with, but we should be able to do something about the people we allow to come here.
With twelve million undocumented Democrats waiting in the wings for the next amnesty to further burden the taxpayers, we don’t need any more cab drivers or convenience store clerks. If you’re not a doctor, scientist, engineer, computer programmer or a PhD who can contribute something to our society, you need not apply.
Even if we’re stupid enough to give you housing, food stamps and Obama phones while you sit home waiting for your welfare check, the US has no interest in becoming yet another Third World country.