So what kept President Obama from focusing on jobs over the past year. Well, as Stu pointed out, he had a lot going on. Stu said, “Really honestly his short game left a lot to be desired.”

Stu added, “I only bring this up, by the way, not because I care that the president — because there is no such thing as a president taking a vacation because when they are on vacation, they are working.  But I bring this up because every liberal in America complains incessantly about Bush’s vacation time.”

Stu explained Obama’s renewed focus on jobs is more of an admission that his past policies have failed so far:

“He did pass what he believed would create jobs and those policies failed.  This is not another idea to focus more on job creation.  It’s admitting that the crap you did the last two years has done nothing.  I mean, that’s the truth.  The truth is that this economy — like they have the — we’re talking about, you pointed out the vacation days and such on this, there’s an Obama by the numbers that CBS released that I was looking through.  January 8th, 2010, unemployment rate, 10%.  December 3rd, 2010, unemployment rate, 9.8%.  Like this is, this is not the record of success that you would be looking for.”


While Obama promised on his vacation to finally start focusing on jobs and unemployment, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was getting hammered for taking a family vacation while a blizzard swept the northeast.

Who would have ever thought New Jersey would get snow in December?

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