Glenn Beck, never one to mince words, has done it again. No stranger to the New York Times bestsellers list, Beck has hit a homerun with his new book, COWARDS. Who are the cowards Beck takes on in his latest book? They are establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle, academics, the mass media, selected business executives, and leaders of special interest movements. Why does Beck think establishment politicians, college professors, and media mavens are cowards? Because they “are not only unwilling to find solutions, but…are often too spineless to even acknowledge that a problem exists.”

Beck might have added that many who claim to know the source of America’s problems in reality don’t get it. These misguided, self-serving proponents of statism think America suffers from too little government, too few regulations, and too little debt. I refer, of course, to wrong-headed leftwing opportunists who promote victimhood, racial division, government handouts, class envy, and the redistribution of wealth for their own nefarious purposes without a thought for what is good for America.

The key to fixing America, according to Beck, is to shine “the bright sunlight of truth” on the problems facing our country as well as the establishment politicians, wrong-headed academics, media mavens, and leftwing opportunists, regardless of whose toes get stepped on. I agree. Specifically, Beck takes on, among other things, progressivism, George Soros—the multibillionaire supporter of leftwing causes and the principal driver behind the Democratic “Shadow Party”—the radical Islamist agenda, and America’s public schools.

According to Beck, “Only when people truly understand what progressivism has brought us—an education system that churns out kids who can’t think for themselves, a government that won’t face the truth about Islamists’ agenda for the world, and a media that is complicit in it all—will they be willing to join the fight.” Beck quotes George Orwell who once wrote that “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The timing of Beck’s book as well as its subject matter is prescient because America is in the middle of a presidential election in which the incumbent has surpassed even the worst of his predecessors in deceitfulness. In fact, President Obama rarely ventures into the same zip code as the truth except for the purpose of twisting it to support his leftwing agenda. Not only does this president knowingly deceive those he is supposed to serve—the American people—he or someone in his administration—which amounts to the same thing—willing leaks national security information that is helpful to our enemies. He does both of these things for the sole purpose of retaining the perquisites of the White House for another four years. So blatantly putting self-interest above America’s national security is perfidy.