At the time of the “Batman” shootings in Aurora, Colorado, some witnesses reported that there were two shooters, and many people suggested that the suspect, James Holmes, could have been “programmed” to shoot up a theater full of people.

Now an inmate who was locked in a nearby cell when Holmes was first arrested says that Holmes claimed to have been programmed to kill by his therapist.

Steven Unruh, who was arrested on drug charges, says he was able to communicate with Holmes by yelling across the hall and that he talked the younger man out of committing suicide.

Officials at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office denied that inmates can communicate the way Unruh describes in the jail facility where Holmes was held.

Unruh says that Holmes told him “he felt like he was in a videogame” during the shooting and that he didn’t remember what had occurred. The amnesia claim echoes what a jail worker has said previously about Holmes’ behavior behind bars, according to the Huffington Post.

Certainly, Holmes is some brand of crazy, and he seems to have a serious disconnect from reality, but whether he could have been “programmed” to carry out violent behavior is just too much for many people to accept.

That what is commonly called “mind control” exists and has been used is a fact. From 1950 to 1973, the CIA ran a covert operation called MKUltra whose purpose was to conduct research into manipulating people’s thoughts and behaviors.

The program was officially sanctioned in the 1950s, but by the 1970s, engagement of project researchers in several crimes had come to light, eventually leading to the official end of the program. In its heyday, MKUltra involved research conducted through front groups at more than 80 institutions, including colleges, hospitals and prisons. Most of the institutions’ operators were unaware of the CIA activity.

MKUltra was estimated to use up to 6 percent of the CIA budget. The program was brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee. Most documents regarding the program had already been destroyed, but some 20,000 documents were discovered in 1977 and led to Senate hearings. The program was declassified in 2001.

Among its illegal activities, MKUltra made use of unwitting human subjects and tried to manipulate their mental states through administration of drugs and chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, sexual abuse and isolation.

MKUltra was one of the programs that grew out of Operation Paperclip, a program to recruit former Nazi officials and scientists, many of whom were well-schooled in torture techniques. Other mind-control and interrogation research projects spawned by Operation Paperclip include Project Bluebird and Project Chatter.

Project Paperclip was one of those historical deals with the devil they don’t tell you about in school. Basically, our government was so desperate to keep the Russians from obtaining Nazi technology that we scooped up as many Nazi scientists as possible, gave them legal immunity and American citizenship, then put them to work doing what they had been doing for the Third Reich.

In return, we got a space program that took us to the moon. We also got MKUltra.

According to records, the program wasn’t confined to simply controlling random individuals. The CIA apparently explored several plans for drugging Fidel Castro and other world leaders into doing the CIA’s bidding. Among the projects MKUltra carried out was the search for a perfect truth serum and the use of subsonic waves to erase memories.

The program also worked to produce drugs that would cause illogical thinking, that would change personality to make a person more dependent on another, and that would lower ambition. (Obviously, this stuff’s found its way into the liberals’ Kool-Aid.)

Although most documents about MKUltra were destroyed in 1973, at least one CIA informant testified that materials for some projects had been preserved and hidden. In 1984, it was revealed that the Canadian government had also been involved in MKUltra.

In the Aurora shootings, a witness described a canister of tear gas being thrown from the opposite side of the theater, toward the shooter. Several eyewitnesses described Holmes talking on a cellphone before the shooting, and standing in the theater doorway, beckoning to someone.

When he was arrested, it was quickly revealed that he was a neuroscience major. What was buried in the mainstream media is that Holmes had an interest in studying mind control and had written a computer program to use flickering images to alter a person’s mental state.

Unruh’s story has not been corroborated, but it reinforces the feeling that there’s more to the Aurora shootings than we’ve been told.

Coincidentally, Jared Lee Loughner, who shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, is also said to have had an interest in mind control.

Now here’s a crazy thought that I present to you readers with full recognition that it is unsupported, but perhaps worth mulling over.

Both the “Batman” and Giffords shootings resulted in calls from the Left for tougher gun restrictions. The Obama Administration has shown, with its “Fast and Furious” program, that it is willing to break the law, let its own agents be killed, and lie to the public for the sake of limiting or eliminating Second Amendment rights.

Here’s the crazy question: Could the Administration have used MKUltra techniques to create shooters for the purpose of advancing its anti-gun agenda?

Something to sleep on, perhaps.