They are barely seven years old, but these glum-looking children are already being drafted into a tyrannical regime hellbent on waging nuclear war with the world.

Standing in arrow-straight rows, their faces are hardly the picture of happiness as they are forced to pledge their allegiance to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and call him ‘father’.

Troubling images of them being inducted into an organisation likened to the Hitler Youth emerged as their despot leader pressed ahead with plans to launch a ballistic missile, potentially with nuclear capabilities.

Thousands gathered at the Kim Il Sung Stadium in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang today to watch the youngsters be sworn into the Korean Children’s Union, a political organisation for children aged seven to 13, in which they pledge to build up strength to defend their nation.

In a speech to mark the organisation’s 66th anniversary last June, Kim told the young delegates they were the future masters of ‘a most powerful country where every home will be full of laughter and everybody lives in harmony’.

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