As conservatives, we have a record that is inspirational. A message that is motivational.

Of course we do. We believe in upward mobility. We believe anybody can rise above the circumstances of their birth and achieve whatever it is they wish to achieve.

And yet we have allowed the motivational and inspirational to be trademarked by the Left. Like the cultural institutions, we have not even made an effort to compete for this space. We have not sold motivation. It has never featured as part of our strategy, and yet it is among the most effective ways of winning hearts and minds. It speaks to vision. The closest we’ve heard is when Ted Cruz spoke of opportunity conservatism.

We have reached a point where we are firmly the underdog. We carry no cultural institutions. We have little momentum. But this means we are in a unique position to win the culture war. To reclaim America. To again re-assert Western values. So let’s speak the language of victory. But also the language of war. Because we- Western civilization- face no less.

These are some messages I posted to my fans on Facebook and Twitter:

“We might be hurting but we’re still winning. We might be torn up inside but we’re going to tear it up outside.”

“We feel pain, but we press on. We experience disappointment, but we delight in what we have. Man can live forty days without food; three days without water; eight seconds without air, but not one single moment without hope. Arrived in Pohang! Let’s roll. C’mon!”

“Failure grips our bones. Rattles our confidence. Injects doubt into our bloodstream. Consumes out mind. Calls into question everything we know. Hurts. It’ll shake us, but it will not break us. Delay but not devastate. Borrow our joy, but return it. We might not understand it, but we accept it. Even without fruit unable to be forced from the tree, our destiny is secure. God is in control. Victory is never far away. And history is still yours to take. To make. Let’s do our vets proud.”

We need to inspire. Refresh, renew, reinvigorate, remind, and re-energize. We have an inspirational message to sell.

Let’s do it.