The White House has promised to drop the accusation that Barack Obama spied on the Trump Campaign but we must remember that Intel agencies lie.

Not only do intel agencies lie, but their chiefs commit perjury with impunity.

Shortly after this false testimony given by James Clapper, Edward Snowden revealed the NSA was spying on all of us.

That’s important to keep in mind when we hear denials from intelligence agencies.

Consider this story by Sky News:

The White House has assured Number 10 it will not repeat claims that GCHQ spied on Donald Trump, Theresa May’s spokesman has said.

He said allegations that British spies had helped Barack Obama eavesdrop on Mr Trump during the presidential campaign – cited by the White House press secretary – were “ridiculous”.

“We’ve made clear to the administration that these claims are ridiculous and they should be ignored and we’ve received assurances that these allegations will not be repeated,” the spokesman told reporters.

“We have a close special relationship with the White House and that allows us to raise concerns as and when they arise as was true in this case.”

The spokesman added that it would be impossible for GCHQ to spy on Mr Trump as both countries are members of the Five Eyes alliance – a joint intelligence co-operation agreement which also includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

“I would add, just as a matter of fact, with the Five Eyes pact, we cannot use each other’s capabilities to circumvent laws,” he said.

“It’s a situation that simply wouldn’t arise.”

Previously, GCHQ had also dismissed the claim as “utterly ridiculous”.

The original accusation was made by US media commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano, and was then repeated by White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The problem with this is that we have no idea who might be lying.

I doubt Judge Andrew Napolitano is lying, but his inside source could be telling him false information. Theresa May’s spokesman could be lying or could have been deceived by others. Intel agencies lie, and not just in America.

If an organization did spy on Trump, then we can only hope that Wikileaks has proof and will release it to the public as part of their ongoing Vault 7 revelations.

In the meantime, this is a good time to meditate on what the system that dominates us has become. We have elected a new President of the United States and yet that seems to have very little influence on the government of our alleged Republic.

Who is in charge here?

Why does Senator Chuck Schumer seem to have more authority with the government then Donald Trump? And why does he get to threaten the President?

We have no way of knowing what is going on. We are told by the media that Donald Trump always lies, but intel agencies lie too. No matter what really happened this is a dangerous moment in American history. How can voters make informed decisions when there is no way to know what is going on or who is making decisions?