Since 9/11, concerned patriots around the country have been adamantly crying out for America to swallow the reality pill regarding the Islamic doctrines which promote violence against unbelievers. In tragic response, our legacy media and government agencies have demonstrated what appears to be an absolute inability to use reason in analyzing this matter. Most recently, n spite of the grotesque evil and bald-faced truth of the matter that the Tsarnaev brothers were acting on their Islamic jihadist beliefs in committing their atrocities on 4/15/13, the media and the government are still publicly puzzling over why they did what they did.

Rarely do I watch the mainstream media Sunday morning political talk shows, but I happened to tune in on Sunday 4/21/13 to Face the Nation, which is hosted by Bob Schieffer. Mr. Schieffer is a venerated media figure, having worked for CBS News since 1969 and serving in such noteworthy positions as the Evening News anchor, a member of the 60 Minutes team, as moderator of presidential debates in 2004, 2008, and 2012. In his long career at the highest levels of the broadcast news business, Mr. Schieffer has seen many acts of terrorism committed by persons of Muslim origin including the 1972 Munich Olympics; the 1976 hijacking of the Israeli aircraft which led to the raid on Entebbe, Uganda; the Iranian Hostage crisis in 1979 to 1981; the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut in 1982; the murder of Leon Klinghoffer on the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985; the sabotage of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988; the World Trade Center bombing in 1993; the East Africa embassy attacks in 1998; the attack on the USS Cole in 2000; 9/11; the Madrid subway bombings in 2004; the London mass transit bombings in 2005; the Mumbai terror assault in 2008; and the Fort Hood Massacre in 2009. One might expect a man with such long years of service and so much professional witness to such a large number violent acts on the part of Islamic terrorists to be able to formulate an idea about what might have driven Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev to place bombs in a crowd of innocent marathon watchers. Yet, in a new low of intellectual malpractice, Mr. Shieffer evidenced how calcified in political correctness the thinking of the mainstream American media has become.

Schieffer invited Massachussetts Governor Deval Patrick to Face the Nation for an interview to discuss the 4/15/13 attacks. Below is verbatim a piece of Mr. Schieffer’s interchange with Gov. Patrick on “Face the Nation” Sunday 4/21/13 at minute 12 of the broadcast regarding the Tsarnaev brothers:

Schieffer: Do you have any clearer idea, Governor, of what the motive of these two men was?
Gov. Patrick: Not yet, Bob, um, and it’s hard…it’s hard for me and many of us to imagine what could motivate people to harm innocent men, women, and children in the way that, uh, that these two fellows did.

I nearly exploded through the ceiling when I heard this question-and-answer. I could not believe that a reporter like Schieffer, with 44 years of iconic experience in the field, having seen all of the Islamic terrorism mentioned above, would be so intellectually dull and incurious as to actually ask Gov. Patrick what the motive of the Tsarnaev brothers was.

Could Mr. Schieffer not see that maybe, just possibly, there might be a remote, outside chance that the two men who left their explosive backpacks on the Boston sidewalk may have, at least slightly, been somewhat motivated by the radical Islamic teachings that were referenced in the postings on the older brother’s YouTube page? And to make it worse, Gov. Patrick, whose state had just suffered a horrific Islamic terror attack resulting in the death of three innocents and the mutilation and maiming of 170 other by-standers, admitted that he couldn’t “imagine” the motivation behind this evil. How alarming it must be for the people of Massachussetts that their Governor — a man entrusted with the highest law enforcement responsibility in their state — has so little in the way of imagination regarding why these terrorists acted as they did.

If our media and government persist in ignoring and denying the basic possibility that Islamic doctrine might have something to do with acts of terror committed by persons of Muslim origin, they are blocking the American people and law enforcement from accessing an ideological tool that can be used to prevent more blood in our streets at the hands of such inspired terrorists. This unwillingness to consider the unsavory aspects of Islam and how it motivates some of its adherents to act out in brutality against others contributes to increased safety risks for the American people, as very clearly evidenced in a dreadful manner in Boston last week.

The lamentable Schieffer-Patrick bit of theatrical “hear-no-evil/speak-no-evil” left me dumbstruck, heartbroken, and able only to ask rhetorical questions that will most likely go eternally unanswered.
What is it that renders liberal media personalities like Bob Schieffer and politicians like Deval Patrick unable to acknowledge that which average Americans can see as clear as the light of day regarding acts of Islamic terror?
Is it a genuine prudence of not rushing to judgment before all the facts appear?

Is it a sincere concern for the well-being of the Muslim community in America, against whom they do not wish to stir anti-Islamic sentiments among the general populace?

Is it a lack of information about what the Quran, the Hadith, the Sira, and Shariah law actually teach?
Is it willful blindness to a reality about Islamic doctrine that is just too awful to contemplate?
Is it a deliberate attempt to dissuade average viewers from thinking more deeply about the “why” behind acts of terror committed by Muslims?

How many more victims like 8-year old Martin Richard must die before the Bob Schieffers and Deval Patricks of the world recognize that the injunctions to violence found in the Quran (such as verses 8:60, 9:5, 9:29, and 47:4) actually serve as the motivators for the practitioners of jihad violence?

John Steinreich is a researcher, public speaker, and author of “The Words of God,” which is an analysis of the Bible and the Quran found online at