Recently while shopping in Los Angeles I saw a young girl collecting signatures for Planned Parenthood. She obviously had no idea who Andrew Breitbart because despite the fact that I was wearing a “Breitbart is Here” t-shirt she approached me to ask if I cared about “free healthcare for women.”

The girl still didn’t seem to mind when I got out my video camera and recorded our conversation (filming her only from the neck down to protect her identity, of course).

In addition to telling me about the “extremists on the right” (namely people like me…) who are
“fighting to de-fund Planned Parenthood”, she also talked about how she had struggled in college and was given free pap smears and birth control by her local Planned Parenthood office.

I interrupted her sad, ‘free birth control’ story to ask if she had seen the latest undercover videos by in which her beloved Planned Parenthood folks had been caught approving sex-selection abortions.

I also asked if she realized that the only way to abort a sex-selected baby is around 5 months, when the baby is fully formed in the womb.

The girl claimed told me she didn’t know, but added, “This is America where we’re supposed to be free to choose.”

“Oh but certainly you don’t mean choosing to abort a 5 month old baby simply because it’s a girl instead of a boy, right?” I asked.

The girl just shrugged.

By the way, if you’re not sure what a 5-month pregnant woman looks like, here’s my beautiful friend Marissa who is exactly at the 5-month mark:

And here’s what the FULLY DEVELOPED 5-month old baby inside Marissa’s womb looks like:

But I digress…

I was very polite throughout my entire conversation with the Planned Parenthood worker; I never raised my voice and I wasn’t condescending or rude. My husband was with me and he very politely asked a few questions, too. I posted the video on my Facebook page and of the almost 50,000 people on my pages, only three people defended Planned Parenthood—and all three were my “real life” friends, people I used to go to church with in Los Angeles. Disappointing, to say the least.

Following are some of their actual posts, with my answers in red:

“Ann-Marie, I respect you a lot as a person but doesn’t that seem a bit much? It seems like you were trying to make her feel unintelligent just because she wasn’t up to date on a scandal. You blindsided her.”
(I didn’t “blindside” the girl, I was clearly holding my video camera up and was not trying to hide my Breitbart shirt. She called me over to discuss Planned Parenthood, not the other way around.)

“Planned Parenthood provides for a wide range of services for women who may not otherwise seek health care services.”
(Yes, Planned Parenthood offers free services to women—and so do many other organizations. The difference is that other places haven’t been caught red-handed offering to abort fully developed babies because they were the wrong sex.)

“Please let us all come together in discussion to consider healthcare in the totality which includes Planned Parenthood as one of the qualitative choices out there. Albeit, like each of us, there is always room for improvement.”
(‘Room for improvement?’ Killing 5-month old babies because they’re the wrong sex is simply deemed ‘room for improvement’? Understatement of the year. )

“Since the media discussion of the LiveAction footage is mentioned so much, there has been just as much controversy over the level of editing in those videos and whether they are even remotely representative of the real conversation that occurred. I don’t think that many of the people commenting on this have any foundations for their claims. Have you ever been to a planned parenthood? Because I have, and they serve just as many white people as minorities.”
(Seems everyone in the mainstream media and their minions told people to claim the videos were “heavily edited”. Bottom line, there was a beginning, a middle and an end to each of the videos. Each time the deal was sealed and the Planned Parenthood workers agreed to abort 5-month-old babies because they were girls instead of boys.)


So here is my interview with the Planned Parenthood worker. See for yourself whether I was “too mean” to the girl, or whether you think she should know that she works for a very mean organization…