As we all know, Conservatives have few outlets in the media.  Other than Fox News and a few talk radio shows, Conservatives are greatly outnumbered.  TV talk shows and news programs are inundated with liberal robots spewing their hatred toward all-things-Conservative; so the folks at Patriot Update have created an alternative.

On Tuesday, November 15, Patriot Update will launch a brand new website called PolitiChicks.TV which will be devoted entirely to Conservative politics, Conservative arts and entertainment and much more.

The stars of PolitiChicks.TV are four outspoken Conservative activists:  Victoria Jackson, Ann-Marie Murrell, Jannique Stewart and Jennie Jones.     

Victoria Jackson

Born Aug. 2, 1959 in Miami, Florida, Victoria was raised in a Bible-believing, piano-playing, gymnastic home with no TV. Her dad was a gym coach, so she competed in gymnastics from ages 5-18.

She attended Florida Bible College; received a gymnastic scholarship to Furman University, and then attended Auburn University for one year.  She ended up in Hollywood, CA via summer stock in Birmingham, where she met Johnny Crawford (from the T.V. show The Rifleman) who promptly put her in his night club act and sent her a “one-way ticket to the show-biz capital of Hollywood.”

Supporting herself as a cigarette girl, a typist at the American Cancer Society, and a waitress at a retirement hotel, Victoria performed standup comedy for 2 years until The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson put her act–which consisted of her doing a handstand while reciting poetry–on national TV.

Following her 20 appearances with Johnny, she starred in many movies and TV shows, most notably six seasons on Saturday Night Live.

In 1991 Victoria re-united with her high school sweetheart, Paul, who’s a police helicopter pilot.

These days Victoria is immensely busy fighting for America.  She first ‘came out of the Christian Conservative closet’ when she created an instantly-viral video with her singing and playing ukulele to “There’s a Communist Living in the White House!”  Some of the lyrics are:

“Why aren’t people shocked or something, why aren’t people up in arms?
Does anyone read history or see red flags or hear alarms?
The streets are filled with deaf and dumb as I squeak like a mouse,
‘There’s a communist living in the White House!’”

Victoria has written articles for several online websites including World Net Daily and Patriot Update.  She is also becoming well known for her impromptu “flip camera videos”.

“My boss at Vision to America said, ‘Victoria, we want videos.  People don’t want to read all the time,’” Victoria says.  “I’m thinking, do you know how hard it is to come up with a funny, interesting video every week?  I mean, I’m a human being.  On SNL, I’d write two things a year!  But he said ‘just do videos, man-on- the- street type stuff’—so I’m having a lot of fun with it.”

One of Victoria’s recent videos from Occupy Wall Street went viral, appearing on The Blaze, Breitbart and other media sources.

In addition to speaking at Tea Party events and her work with the PolitiChicks, Victoria still appears on-stage and on-camera occasionally, “in between driving my teenager Aubrey to school and cheer practice and playing with my first grandchild, Ever Grace who was born to my daughter Scarlet and son-in-law Brandon last Christmas.  Brandon is a musician and a pastor,” Victoria says, all in one breath.

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie is a former democrat who saw the light on 9/11.

“After seeing first-hand the depth of hatred our enemies have for America, I realized that everything I thought I knew about life and politics was completely backwards.  Wrong.  Stupid.  Ignorant.  Should I go on?” she says with a laugh.  “Seriously, I’ve prayed for forgiveness at President Reagan’s graveside at the Reagan Library.  More than once,” she adds.

Born and raised in Texas, Ann-Marie left college and moved to Los Angeles when she turned 20 to become an actress.  Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s she appeared in dozens of TV shows including ABC’s Sledge Hammer, Young and the Restless “and lots and lots of under-five parts, extra work and commercials.” She also had small parts in movies, including Sunset Strip starring soap star Tom Eplin.  “I played ‘Judy Rae’ and was kidnapped and thrown off the Hollywood Freeway Bridge before the opening credits,” Ann-Marie says.

Since then, she has done everything from working in the stock market and as a Children’s Director in a church to working behind the scenes at 20th Century Fox Studios and CBS/Carsey-Werner Productions.

Ann-Marie became politically active in 2008.  “Guess why?” she says, laughing.  The editor of discovered Ann-Marie “ranting and raving” on Facebook and asked her to write articles for him.  From there, the Reagan Group discovered her and asked her to write for Michael Reagan’s   She wrote for half dozen or so other websites until ultimately working for Patriot Update as an exclusive columnist.

“I was then asked by my editor at Patriot Update if I’d be interested in doing weekly video news segments for them.  So I got a video camera, turned a corner of my house into a studio and went to work!” Ann-Marie says.

Her news segments soon turned into full-on reporting, with Ann-Marie being asked to cover various political events throughout California including the Republican Party Animals events, the Beverly Hills Tea Party rally and more.  She has conducted exclusive interviews with dozens of leading Conservative celebrities and politicians including actress Morgan Brittany, Frank Gaffney, Larry Elder, Bill Whittle and Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Ann-Marie is also currently writing a book compiled of interviews with many of the people she’s interviewed on-camera, tentatively called ‘The Conservative Patriots of Hollywood and Beyond:  Un-Transforming America!

Ann-Marie lives in Los Angeles with her “very patient and understanding” husband Mark.  She has a 26-year old son, Jason, who also lives in Los Angeles and works in TV production in Los Angeles (and is her cameraman at events).

Jannique Stewart

Jannique Stewart is a Pro-life and Sexual Purity Speaker with Life Training Institute and Hearts Matter Most.  She has been an advocate and a speaker for the issues of ‘saving the preborn’ and ‘teen sexuality’ since she was a teenager.

Jannique is very passionate about what she believes, and is unashamedly Christian.

“I’m a conservative not because of the culture, my own opinions or life experiences, but because of my faith in Jesus Christ and my biblical worldview,” Jannique says.

Jannique was born in Germany, and lived in several European countries before moving to the United States.  Shortly, after her family moved to America for her high school years, she competed for a State Title in a Teen National Pageant and chose the two issues that she felt most passionate about: abortion and the sexualization of teens. After winning her first title at the age of 15, Jannique began speaking in schools and churches on the topics such as ‘Raising up a Pro-life Generation’ and ‘Sexual Integrity-the new sex revolution.’

After graduating from Greenville Liberal Arts College with a degree in Public Speaking and Communication, she entered the field of Pharmaceuticals and quickly rose up the corporate ladder to the position of Corporate Sales Training Manager.

“Although I loved my job,” Jannique says, “I became restless there and felt a passion to return to my first love: speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.”

Jannique left the pharmaceutical business in 2005 and has never looked back. She joined First Care Family Resources, the leading Crisis Pregnancy Centers in South Florida in 2005 as a ‘sexual purity’ speaker and educator for their Prevention Department.

Jannique reached approximately 10,000-16,000 students per year encouraging young people to honor God with their bodies and lives by living sexually pure. In 2008, her title changed to Prevention (Purity) and Intervention (Pro-Life) Speaker where she has used her voice to defend the lives of the unborn across South Florida.

In 2008, Jannique worked with the Florida Family Policy Council team as the South Florida Spokesperson for the Marriage Amendment to preserve traditional Marriage in Florida as the union of one man and one woman only. Floridians won the battle for Marriage by a vote of 62% to 38% to amend the Florida state constitution to preserve what God has declared as His union.

In 2010, Jannique became the Boca Raton Center Director for First Care where she helped to counsel women and teens in unplanned pregnancies to value the new life inside of them and offer them hope and help.

Jannique works with Life Training Institute and is also President and founder of a new ministry, Hearts Matter Most, where she speaks at women and youth conferences, churches and colleges about the topics of ‘Defending our Preborn Neighbors’ and the importance of ‘Waiting for Wedding Bells:  a call to abstinence until marriage’.

“The sole purpose of Hearts Matter Most is to transform the culture on the issues of sanctity of human life and biblical healthy sexuality,” says Jannique.  “The goal is not to treat the social issues of promiscuity and abortion with a band-aid solution, but to change and transforms lives at the heart level. Many things factor into changing people, but for real change to occur, it is changing the heart that matters most.”

Jennie Jones

The story of Jennie Jones is a simple one, but one which reveals the importance of being exposed to the great history of our nation and to the patterns of how men have shaped and destroyed nations around the world.

Born in Texas, Jennie was destined to take her American heritage and independence seriously having been raised by parents’ with longtime devotion to conservative Judeo-Christian values.

One thing which shaped Jennie’s thinking at a young age was her family’s interaction with a man who had been imprisoned in a Russian concentration camp for eleven years.

“I learned firsthand at the age of eight what it was like to live without any freedom in a country darkened by the reign of communism,” Jennie says.  “I was impressed by the importance of never taking freedom for granted and felt compelled to play my part in the war for freedom and against communist ideas in my own country.”

Having worked in a broad spectrum of locals such as law offices and the Air Force, Jennie actively sought out work on political campaigns in Florida and Georgia.

Today Jennie is the editor of Patriot Update. The same passion which drives her to expose the agenda of the left has also driven her to pursue a master’s degree in history. She is also actively involved in the fight against human trafficking.

When Jennie isn’t working she loves to travel, read broadly, and meet other passionate patriots to discuss how to improve our beloved nation.

Watch the first episode of PolitiChicks.TV airing Tuesday, Nov. 15th on Patriot Update.