Terrorists, from Iran or elsewhere, should not be allowed to walk the streets of Manhattan with diplomatic immunity.
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Sounding a defiant note over his government’s nomination of a U.N. ambassador-designate linked to the 1979 American hostage crisis, Iran’s foreign minister has dismissed those objecting to the decision – who include virtually the entire U.S. Congress – as “a group of radicals.”

“They should not allow a group of radicals to determine the agenda of Iran’s presence at the United Nations organizations and this behavior is unacceptable to us,” Mohammed Javad Zarif told Iranian reporters in Vienna, after the conclusion of a round of nuclear talks with six world powers.

“The U.S. decision to deny a visa to Iran’s appointed diplomat is unacceptable for us,” he said. “There are channels to follow this issue in the United Nations, and we will decide on the best way to follow this. The U.S. administration is well aware of the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the visa denial unacceptable.”

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