It had been US policy for more than a decade to refuse talks with Iran unless they suspended uranium enrichment. Obama blew up that policy. It’s also US politcy that any negotiations would have as it’s main goal to stop the Iranian enrichment program. Obama appears ready to blow that up too.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says that the United States must bow to Iran’s “inalienable nuclear rights” and hinted that the American negotiators were being fooled as to the extent of Iranian concession in the current negotiations.

Despite Western media reports and indications from the Obama administration that Iran may be moderating its hardline position, there has been “no change in Iran’s rigid stance on its inalienable nuclear rights,” according to comments made Tuesday by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and reported in Iran’s state-controlled-media.

“Some [western] countries have fallen prey to miscalculations [about Iran’s position] due to wrong analyses,” Zarif was quoted as saying on the heels of another round of talks with the United States and other Western countries ahead of the Nov. 24 deadline.

U.S. sanctions against Iran “have left no impact” on Iran’s desire to “possess the civilian nuclear technology,” Iran’s Fars News Agency reported Zarif as saying. The foreign minister also framed the controversy over Iran’s nuclear weapons program as a “manufactured crisis.”

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