There’s no more obvious example than Iraq.
Check it out:

In his West Point commencement speech last month, President Obama outlined a new plan for addressing threats to U.S. national security. “I believe we must shift our counterterrorism strategy — drawing on the successes and shortcomings of our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan — to more effectively partner with countries where terrorist networks seek a foothold,” he said, going on to propose a $5 billion fund to equip and train partner countries to launch their own offensives against terrorist networks.

Sounds simple enough — who can argue against burden sharing? But letting others do our dirty work will only compound the problem.

The billions of dollars we invested in reconstituting, arming and training Iraqi security forces over the last decade is now money down a rat hole — or worse, since some of the weapons, uniforms and supplies are now in the hands of the most dangerous and anti-American factions. Across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, the number and capability of violent extremist groups keeps growing.

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