“The rise of ISIS is a strategic defeat of the largest magnitude for the U.S. and our allies…it’s a perfect storm of bad policy for doing nothing in Syria,” says, Prof. Walter Russell Mead, Bard College.
Iran is helping Al Qaeda terrorists transfer Sunni fighters into Syria to become ISIS militants who are now taking over Iraq. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad former President of Iran has said it is involved in every aspect of fighting a war alongside Syria. Over 140,000 civilians have been killed in Syria another 1.3 million have fled since 2011 and 30% of the population needs humanitarian help.
Israel was convinced that Obama’s (lifting the sanctions) on Iran last Oct. would mean the (IRGC) Islamic revolutionary guard corps would be much more active in the future benefitting from more money to front the terrorists with.
Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, a top commander under Iran’s revolutionary guard corps (IRGC), said the same thing in a TV interview Feb, 2014. “America, with its strategic ignorance does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic. We have recognized America’s military strategy and have arranged our abilities and have identified centers in America for attack that will create a shock. We will conduct such a blow in which they (America) will be destroyed from within.”
This is exactly what happened in Syria and Iraq with the forming of ISIS. Israel has every right to feel betrayed by the U.S. govt. lifting the sanctions; it was a breach of national security to both Israel and us. ISIS warn attacks are coming on Great Britain and the U.S. saying they have over 3,000 soldiers with passports back into G.B. and the U.S. to set up cells after the Iraqi take-over.
Iraq contains in different parts three Muslim tribes, the Kurds, the Sunni joined (ISIS) and the Shiite. ISIS escalated in power and better strategy over the rest and decided Syria joined Iraq caliphate would be their safe-haven to operate from and subvert the world into (Islam’s Sharia law) and other tribes must join or die. All Muslims are taught from birth to yearn and fight for a worldwide Caliphate, that goal is always their number one desire.
(ISIS) chose to defeat first the city Aleppo, Syria then moved across the border into Iraq. Their strategy was to conquer a city, strip it of money and weapons, leave a sustaining force behind and continue on. ISIS hit Mosul, emptied the bank of $4 billion, emptied the jails of 2,800 fighters, then emptied the arsenal of 72 tanks, 700 Hum V’s and thousands of tons of ammo, then they left a horrific trail of beheaded and crucified bodies. This is no “terrorists group” but a well-organized “Army” of Bloody Terror focused on their mission.
The first Iraqi cities ISIS conquered were more North and West for border control strength and erasing the lines between Syria and Iraq forming a caliphate. Then areas most concentrated with cities near the Euphrates River were captured. Following the river gives them control of commerce from Northern Syria to the Persian Gulf until they can get into Turkey. Turkey controls the dam at the origination of the Euphrates, able to turn it on or shut it off. ISIS seized Qaim last week an extremely important gateway city in Iraq near Syria’s border for moving back and forth supplies, military vehicles and fighting.
Their mission is taking over the Oil fields of Baghdad, Iraq. This maneuver achieves many goals. First they’ll clamp down on that spigot rationing Oil sales weakening the world’s economy. Then a second blow of exorbitant Oil prices further weakens a poor fiscal state. Next a surprise military hit on a financially injured foe collapsing that country into adhering to their directives of Sharia. Controlling the Oil fields is of utmost importance to sustaining monetary power to build a stronger defense of ISIS warfare and secure their continual supply flow.
North Korea has nukes and their business is selling and exporting them to terrorists like ISIS who will have the money and the desire.
When ISIS raise the price to $200 or $300 a barrel this money shifts to supporting crazed terrorists, holding the world hostage, while building their caliphate. Then the question is, will Obama tolerate Islamic extremist’s control of the world’s Oil over America’s development of our own? Will the world have to choose between going bankrupt or going into a Muslim instigated Oil war? China and Russia will not sit idle and this wouldn’t be the first time a war was fought over oil but it may be the last.
General Jack Keane (Ret.) said, “ISIS is not sectarian it’s a geo-political organization driven by ideology.
“They just gained control of the only border crossing from Iraq to Jordan and a key crossing to Syria. Next steps are Jordan and Lebanon getting closer to Israel, which is always a priority in their overall plan. Look at ISIS as an overwhelming threat to our interests in the Middle East, the Iraq regime itself, Oil, Israel, the U.S. and our security. Strategically we can take away their staging bases, their vehicles and tanks; those are targets available to us now from the air.”
Military intervention is needed sooner than later to take ISIS down quickly before the menace grows.
General Douglas McArthur said, “Every disaster can be summed up in two words, Too-Late.”
Lifting the sanctions on Iran in 2013 played a major role in Israel’s resistance to peace talks. As peace talks ended with Secy. of State John Kerry and Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Danny Danon, he spoke about Iran saying, “Eventually the U.S. will have to take a stand with these issues of enriching which is not only a threat to Israel but to the American people.
You cannot ignore Al Qaeda or Iran these extreme forces against us, it doesn’t work that way, you cannot avoid their threats. It might buy you a few years in time but eventually they will come to your shores, you have to face them and take a stand. The U.S. is strong but once in a while you have to say it by flexing your muscles.
Palestine has aligned itself with Hamas a “known terror organization” that we cannot negotiate with. We’re (Not) to blame for the breakdown of the peace talks. We look at what is happening today and think Secretary Kerry wants to impose his wishful thinking on peace talk progress but at this time they are not a reality. The only reality in the Middle East today is there is (No) viable partner that Israel could negotiate with.”
Former Iranian Pres. Ahmadinejad says, “Soon we will wipe Israel off the map and all the hearts and beliefs are leaning toward forming a global Caliphate and the necessity of the rule of the (perfect human) linked to the heavens. Islam will be leading the world under the (12th) Imam.” He proclaims there has to be a “massive” war to bring forth the (12th) Imam which is inevitable for this time and under his direction. Sounds like nukes will be in play here.
Our Bible forewarns that this Hugh war is coming as well. (Revelation 9:14) Says it is the war that takes place along the Euphrates River, which only flows through Muslim countries. It will end with 1/3rd of mankind dead…that’s nuclear “massive”, Mr. Ahmadinejad! This war may encompass the Isaiah 17:1 verse of the destruction of Damascus too.
No one knows when this war begins; the players are just arriving on the scene.
I’m fascinated watching the movement of (ISIS) army in the initial stages sweeping across Iraq, taking their place precisely along the Euphrates River. Clearly, every day we see signs developing before our very eyes indicating that this conflict in Iraq is escalating into a war but this war in its location is indeed a Prelude to Prophecy.