I don’t know how many people caught this, folks, but in the real world, Obama really stepped in it yesterday with Chris Christie. He really stepped in it. After his photo-op tour in New Jersey, Obama told the press — see if you catch this — Obama told the press that he has directed his staff and his administration to tolerate no red tape or bureaucratic excuses when it comes to getting storm victims the help they need. Obama said he had instructed his people to return the calls from officials in storm damaged states within 15 minutes. If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes. (paraphrasing) “My message to the federal government: no bureaucracy, no red tape. Get resources where they are needed as fast as possible, as hard as possible, and for the duration.”

What does that mean?

It means that the normal state of affairs is the government doesn’t work. Barack Obama just spelled out for everybody that in the normal existence of the bureaucracy, it doesn’t work, and that it takes special commands, fist pounding, presidential orders with fear behind them in order to get the bureaucracy to work, period. Not smoothly, not timely, but just work, period. But this is not it. That’s not what I caught. Everybody can catch that. What I caught, in addition to this sounding like government normally is totally messed up, government normally can’t get anything done, government normally is filled with red tape and roadblocks and delays. Normally government bogs down efficiency. Normally the natural state of affairs of the bureaucracy is to bog down efforts to deal with problems and that needs to be stripped away. We need to strip away the roadblocks, the bureaucracy.

But here’s the thing. That’s exactly what Mitt Romney’s campaigning to do. Mitt Romney is campaigning to make this government exactly what Obama wants it to be for a short while to handle New Jersey and Chris Christie. And when Mitt Romney suggests that we streamline the bureaucracy; that we get rid of some of the deadweight. When we get rid of some of the redundancy, when we get rid of all of these regulations and bottlenecks, what does Obama say? He starts stammering that that’s taking us back to what caused our economic problems in the first place. Mitt Romney’s solution is what Obama keeps blaming.

That’s what I caught.

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