In a day and age when our own government is taking away our Constitutional rights and finding ways to spy on us, it is paradoxical and absurd, to say the least, that President Obama passes judgment on other countries for actions he and his administration are, themselves, guilty of. .

Example: the American representative to the United Nations joined in criticism of the country of Eritrea, a small country by Ethiopia, for taxing its citizens a 2% income tax, regardless of where they are in the world or where their income is derived.

In 2011, the United Nations identified this 2% tax on Eritrean nationals living overseas as unacceptable and the UN Security Council passed resolution 2023 condemning the Eritrean government for imposing a tax on non-resident citizens. The resolution says, “Eritrea shall cease using extortion, threats of violence, fraud and other illicit means to collect taxes outside of Eritrea from its nationals or other individuals of Eritrean descent.”

The United Nations found the 2% tax to be so invasive, it had to pass a Resolution to try to stop it. Unbelievably, the United States of America voted for the resolution; even though the USA is guilty of the same kind of taxation, only at a much higher percentage (15-40%). The IRS is, for instance, demanding taxes from the mayor of London, who was born in America, which gives him automatic citizenship, even though he has not lived in America since he was 5 years old. Because of his political office, he is unlikely to have to pay up, but those who are not political celebrities and do not enjoy that same protection.

Example: Obama has criticized China for human rights violations related to their laws that are for the expressed purpose of protecting their country from Islamic terrorism. That does not, however, deter him from trying to (and often successfully) take away our own Constitutionally guaranteed rights. We are regularly spied on by having all our phone conversations monitored and recorded. Our social media conversations are monitored. We are told we do not have the right to express our religious beliefs in school while encouraging schools to teach children about Islamic beliefs. We have been told we do not have a right to keep our inexpensive and fully viable health insurance policies while being told we will have to pay a huge fine if we don’t subscribe to an onerous and oppressive Obamacare policy.

The hubris of our oppressive and dictatorial President and administration is beyond the pale. The importance of human rights to Obama is underscored by the freedom he feels to ignore rape, murder and inhumane beheadings of Christians and reporters in the Middle East, not even allowing it to interrupt his golfing or vacations.

Edward Snowden is persecuted and has to seek safety in Russia, because of his willingness to expose the corruption of the United States, most of which exposes our penchant to spy on our own citizens, and other countries and their politicians. That expose is far less damaging to the US than Obama’s cowardice and prostration to other, especially Middle East, countries and leaders. He has voided the Constitution, taken away our rights, and passes laws, illegally, bypassing Congress if they don’t do his bidding. Now he is intent on taking away our freedom of expression and speech by taking control of the Internet. As usual, it is the impotent elected representatives in Congress who stand by and let him run over the American people. They don’t want to do anything to offend the President. The fear of the President continues to prevent the representatives from doing the bidding of their constituents. Even the Supreme Court seems to fear upsetting or defying the President. The feckless politicians and judges are guaranteeing a third term for Obama, which may very well happen as a result of some imagined need for Marshall Law being declared, which would effectively halt any elections that might depose him. He has certainly tried to create enough venues to accomplish that. If it is not the threat of Ebola or Measles, it is the dangers of the second amendment. If it is not the threat of a monetary crises, it is the threat of ISIS against our homeland. If it is not the threat of a food shortage, it is the threat of racist police causing riots by those whom the police “terrorize.”

I have been watching the public vetting of the apparent potential Presidential candidates and do not see any persons that amount to anything better than what we have in office. Our only choices will once again be “the lesser of two or more evils.” The democrats’ threat of doing whatever they can to keep Boehner in office tells volumes on just how damaging he is to the conservatives. If it weren’t for the obvious narcissistic attitude and arrogance of Limbaugh, perhaps someone like him would be a good write-in candidate. I think it is obvious I could not vote for someone like him, but perhaps one of you out there can make an intelligent, thought-through, suggestion of whom the American people, regardless of their party, could get behind. It would have to be someone who could take a whipping for undoing all the Executive Orders Obama has corrupted out government with (Palin, Bachman?). Have we no one who would have the testicular fortitude to stand up and say, “America takes back all those erroneous and absurd apologies Obama foisted on the American people?” Have we no one who can say being an illegal alien, which is a crime, disqualifies those lawbreakers from residency and citizenship, instead of hoping those illegals will become liberal voters? It should be someone, like George Washington, who the American People wanted to have declared King, but was intelligent and humble enough to know what was best for the American people and rejected such a possibility. If you have never read George Washington’s Farewell Address, now is the time to familiarize yourself with true greatness and true humility of a President:

Finally, We The People, have suffered enough persecution and denials of our God given rights. I know our lives have been far too easy and we have become dependent on the resources of an overbearing and “all providing” government and see the “fight” to reclaim our rights and freedoms as onerous, because that is an uncomfortable alternative to taking the path of least resistance. It is OUR choice. If we are willing to give up some freedoms or rights to maintain an easy existence and equitably distributed poverty, then we “don’t deserve either.” I will vote for the man or woman who serves Jesus.