Definition of DIVERSITY
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
1: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization <programs intended to promote diversity in schools
Is diversity good for America? The answer is NO! I like being direct, no sense pussy footing around the issue. To explain this answer, the rest of this piece will be devoted to posing and answering some other related questions: What? Why? Who? and Who Cares?

Diversity is one of the current buzz words being circulated by the Progressive-Liberals. Government Diversity is being pushed heavily into the schools from the University down to elementary levels. It is also working its way into churches, businesses and other institutions. So, what is government sponsored diversity? Simply put, it is a Progressive/Liberal racial/cultural divisive ploy to keep segments of the population apart from one another, rather than bringing them together. There appears to be too great a focus on each of the group’s differences, rather than on their togetherness. So, in my opinion, diversity is a code word for divisiveness. So, perhaps we should really called it, “divisivity” (don’t forget it folks, you heard it here first)?
America has historically been called “The melting pot of the world.” The melting pot is an excellent metaphor that is derived from the science of metallurgy. More specifically, the melting pot is used in the process of creating metal alloys. Essentially, an alloy is created by mixing two or more metals together to make a new metal that is superior to either one of the metals alone. Therefore, the result of the process of the “melting pot” is unifying, the joining of two or more metals to create a new, stronger or shinier product.
Applying the melting pot metaphor to America, we take in various immigrant peoples who come in with their own languages, customs and cultural differences, and then through a process of acculturation, assimilation and accommodations, they become that strong alloy of peoples, Americans.
My parents came to America from Poland. They settled into an ethnic neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. They did not speak, read or write English, nor were they accustomed to many American ways of doing things. But, they learned and they eventually went through the “melting pot” process and assimilated. My mom picked up the language more than my dad, but if you asked him what he was, he would proudly say, “I am American”, and not his former nationality of being Polish. However, today’s government sponsored diversity movement would rather have immigrants side step or at least retard the assimilation process by having us celebrate the differences of the other races and cultures, which keeps them apart, rather than to focus on them assimilating into becoming Americans.
The ethnic neighborhood provides a buffer zone for English language development. But, it can also become a trap, to be discussed further below. This happens many times in the beginning by earlier immigrants teaching recent immigrants the English they will need when they have to access goods and services from strictly English speaking businesses and service organizations. Those motivated to do so, will continue their English language development by attending English as a second language (ESL) classes or through self-study of one form or another. Those who are not so motivated will fail to assimilate, and they may be doomed to a life of poverty and living on the Government dole. Well, at least from the Progressive/Liberal viewpoint, these immigrants maintain their “Diversity.” This, I see, is the great danger of the Diversity (Divisivity?) movement, and provides a hint to the answer of the question, why?
Government sponsored Diversity programs appear to make too much of the differences between people, celebrating their separateness instead of promoting unity. Doing so prevents their children or greatly slows the process of assimilation and acculturation as Americans (I heard a caller into a talk show say she was a fifth generation American Latina, however, she still spoke English with an Hispanic accent). Diversity, I believe, reduces their opportunities for successfully engaging in American life. This often leads to poverty and dependency on government welfare programs. These welfare programs are generally expanded when Progressive/Liberal democrats are in power. Thus, it makes it more likely that these people will vote to get the Democrats in office and to keep them there to ensure the flow of government benefits.
The aforementioned ethnic neighborhoods, over the years, became self-contained ethnic towns, seemingly transported from their home countries such as Poland, Russia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, etc. The result is the vulcanization of these ethnic groups that, assisted through government sponsored Diversity programs, traps these people in their own ethnic/cultural/linguistic bubbles. Thus, side stepping or retarding their process of Americanization. Once again, this greatly reduces their opportunities for higher education and good paying careers. Instead, this leaves them stuck with jobs such as working behind the counter of a bodega, pumping gas and fixing flat tires, house cleaners, hotel maids and janitors. Once again, this makes them likely to become dependent on government welfare programs and in the process making them good Democrats.
So, who is behind this? Diversity (divisivity) programs, for all intents and purposes, are government sponsored with the Federal government taking the lead. Diversity programs, which originally began to enhance opportunities for the employment of people of color working for the federal government, have expanded into private industry, schools and community development.
Who Cares?
We all should care. Yes it is good to celebrate one’s racial/ethnic heritage differences. However, not at the cost of diversity turning into “divisivity.” It was America as the “melting pot” that made us great. We are a land of immigrants.

So, NO, diversity that leads to “divisivity” is not good for America. Let’s not allow diversity, as political correctness, destroy what made the U.S. exceptional.