In the days of our founders, statesman represented their respective districts and constituents with honor and integrity. As citizen statesmen rather than professional politicians, they sought to serve rather than to accumulate power and perquisites. George Washington, who could have been appointed “King for Life,” was willing to turn his back on power and release it to the people of the new republic. His belief was: “The ultimate authority, wherever the derivative may be found, resides in the people alone.” This is no longer the ideology in Washington, D.C. or America’s two major political parties. Democrats and Republicans, as a rule, are more interested in power than honor or integrity.

The Democrat Party—at one time an honorable organization—has been hijacked by leftist progressives, which is another name for American socialists. It is now the party of big government, redistribution, entitlements, equal outcome, and runaway spending; a party that ignores the Constitution and refuses to compromise. It is the far left political party. The Republican Party that used to be the small government, constitutional-conservative party has tried to get its tent so big the Party is fast becoming the Democrat light Party. The Republican Party now strives to be the party of the middle and middle left—a so-called kinder, gentler party that is more moderate, inclusive, and submissive—one that no longer represents the right.

The Tea Party, despised by both establishment Democrats and Republicans, is the new representative of conservatives. It stands for the conservative, Christian, constitutional, capitalist, small-government ideology. Simply stated the contemporary Democratic Party represents the far left, the Republican Party represents the moderate left, and the Tea Party represents real conservatives who are trying to salvage our country. Currently both parties suffer from an identity crisis with Blue Dog Democrats supporting socialism and the Republican Party abandoning its base. Since both major parties have abandoned their constituents, it may be time for Americans to abandon the elephants and asses and start a new majority party.

In the 2010 midterm election the American people spoke out loudly saying they had had enough. However, even though Americans spoke out at the ballot box, in town hall meetings, and at peaceful protest events, politicians by and large just ignored them. The Democrats, especially Barack Obama, arrogantly ignored the results and doubled down on leftwing orthodoxy. Republicans boasted that Americans wanted Republicans in power, and Tea Party Patriots just banged their heads against the wall as neither party seemed to get it. The establishment politician’s response to Americans was the standard arrogant rhetoric of the new aristocracy and ruling elites. The attitude of establishment politicians that they are the more sophisticated elites who know best in all things including how to control every aspect of people’s lives just got worse. The media and politicians cast Tea Party patriots as “astro-turf” protestors—small in number—that did not represent America and would soon go away. Frankly, it appears as if they were right in the 2012 election.

The mission of The Tea Party is simple and still relevant. It calls for elected officials and the bureaucrats who administer their policies to follow the Constitution and listen to the people they represent. The Tea party supports candidates who commit to the original founding principles of the Constitution: limited federal government, state’s rights, free markets, balanced budgets, no deficits and a strong military. They believe in the basic principles of freedom and liberty vs. a Government that knows best. It is time again for the American people to remind establishment politicians that they work for the people.
Two days after the election we had a member of the Republican party of Florida speak to a local men’s group of which I am a member. The discussion focused on the fact that apparently a lot of the conservative base did not vote because they felt ignored by a GOP controlled by moderates. The GOP representative was asked “at what point will the Republican Party stop ignoring the base of conservative Christians while chasing after moderates?” His answer was that, “we tell candidates that it is OK to believe the conservative Christian stuff, just don’t tell anyone.” His statement validated the belief of real conservatives—moral and economic conservatives—that the mainstream Republican Party seeks power at the expense of morals and integrity.

We are at a crossroads in America. Hence, it might be time to carefully examine the platforms of both major parties to deter mine what they actually stand for and represent. This might require the establishment of a third party to get the attention of the establishment, careerist politicians of the current two parties. That party could be the Tea Party. If this does not happen, perhaps it is time to adopt the European model of two major political parties, the Socialist party and the Conservative party. The progressive Democrats and RINO’s would feel more at home in a Socialist Party , and the Blue Dog Democrats and GOP conservatives that still have an ounce of character could start rebuilding a constitutional, small government, Conservative Party under the tutelage of the Tea Party Patriots.