Suppose you were an innovativejihadist looking for new ways to strike fear into the heart of the Great Satan. Where would you strike? Terrorism, by definition, means targeting the civilian population to make a political statement. Where could you be assured that, wherever you are in the country, you would be able to locate a large, earnest, welcoming crowd of infidels?

If a suicide bomber wished to infiltrate an Occupy Wall Street protest, how would OWS ferret him out? True, he would stand out from the lily-white complexion of most of the protesters, but his presence would bring welcome “diversity.” The violent and anti-American rhetoric of the OWS crowds would mask any clues the terrorist might let slip. Even if the left-wing rioters suspected something was awry with their newest member, their better instincts would be paralyzed with liberal fear of being branded a racist or Islamophobe.

Now snugly nestled into the structure of the crowd itself, all he need do is gin up his courage, shout “Allahu akhbar,” and pull a cord as he leers at his young victims and the attentive media gathered around to catch the movement’s every action. The sight of an Islamist extremist blowing himself up in the midst of a huge crowd of mostly young, idealistic, college-educated teens and twenty-somethings would send a collective chill of horror up the spines of their parents, their fellow protesters, and the political Establishment. It would psychologically terrorize an entire nation unused to violence striking at unexpected moments.

Now, what if terrorists insinuate themselves into multiple Occupy sites around the country at once? The feat would be far easier to organize than bombing multiple U.S. embassies, which Islamist terrorists pulled off more than a decade ago.

Perhaps the only thing restraining the terrorists is that they do not wish to kill so many people who are on their side.

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