Is President Obama transparent? I think he is. But, to really understand him, he needs to be understood from several different angles. In a few minutes you will have perfect clarity. You too, will see through Obama.

Mr. Obama promised when running for president that he would have the most transparent administration ever. He was going to operate in a glass house where we could all see what transpires. He claimed he would bare and share his great ideas, proposals, and programs, right out in the open where we could see.

Well, these things didn’t happen. Instead of his administration being open and see-through, we found the doors were shut, locked, and the lights turned off. We often scratched our heads and thought, “What is he really doing? This doesn’t make any sense. He promised to be transparent.”

This is my point though. It all makes perfect sense if we understand a few simple things about Obama. We don’t need a decoder ring to expose his secrets. The truth is hiding out in the open where we seldom look. The truth is he is transparent and predictable.

First, remember that those who read Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf should have known what he was going to do. He was pretty transparent. The problem was that people either paid no attention to him or chose not to believe him. Churchill was an exception. He seemed to understand the implications of Hitler’s writings. Most of the world didn’t seem to figure it out until it was too late. And, what about Karl Marx’s writings? His dreams and plans were out there where all could see. His ideas have already led to the deaths of up to two hundred million people, so far.

Mr. Obama wrote some books too. Did we read them? We could have known much more about what he was going to do as President if we had. He has been faithful to his worldview.

Now Mr. Obama told us in 2008 and even before then who he really was and what he wanted to do. He was totally transparent with Joe the plumber. He told him he wanted to redistribute the wealth. He’s doing that. Did we not understand what that meant?

There is overwhelming evidence, more than enough to convince me, that Obama is a Marxist. With few exceptions his friends and mentors were, and still are Marxist. His administration, especially his czars, is stacked with Marxist and extreme leftist, if there is any real difference. We know what the Marxist worldview produces don’t we? No secrets here. It brings slavery, poverty, death, and destruction. Always has. Always will.

To deepen our understanding, we have to employ our skills of interpretation. Let me share a personal story to make a point that will help us to better understand Obama. When God created my wife, He put her compass in backwards. Her north is south, east is west, etc. When we leave a building, she goes left and I go right. I told her if she would always reverse her directional assumptions she would be correct every time. It’s still very hard for her to go against that pull to go the wrong way. Haven’t seen her for a while either.

If we begin to closely watch Mr. Obama’s feet and not his mouth we will correctly discern his real intentions almost every time.  He says one thing while displaying that big, bright, disarming smile and then does the opposite. Too few pay attention so he usually gets away with it with little resistance. Often he uses Executive Orders to implement his agenda. He simply bypasses Congress. We rejected the Kyoto Treaty, but he is implementing the same agenda through Executive Order, Agenda 21 efforts, and through the EPA.

Another good example is when our president tells us how pro oil he is. He speaks of all the drilling that is going on, even more drilling under his administration than before. He says he is doing all he can to lower prices on oil. He claims he doesn’t want gas prices to go up. Let’s not forget that Obama’s Energy Secretary Dr. Chu, said he wants gasoline to rise to the $9-10 level. He recanted recently in Congress under pressure, but I believe only for political reasons. It’s an election year.

All the pro oil talk is Obama’s mouth, his silver tongue words. Now let’s see where his feet go. His administration continues to deny more and more drilling permits and has stated that this will continue in 2012. He attacks oil companies anyway he can. His EPA strangles them with regulations. He killed the Keystone Project. He banned drilling in the Gulf. He wants to take subsidies away from oil companies. This will drive up costs, reduce exploration, and cause gas to go even higher.

One more thing we need to factor in our understanding of the President. We must at all times keep in mind that he is a very political animal. He rides the waves, catches the thermals. Right now he is talking about lifting the ban on drilling in the Atlantic and other places. He may actually do that as Bush did, but for political reasons only. He still hates oil and will continue his attack on oil unbridled if reelected.  His plans have not changed. His worldview is firm. Do you think the announcement about Gay marriage was timed for the election? Did anyone seriously think he believed otherwise? He’s transparent.

Now we have broken the code. We can accurately see through our president at all times. He is hiding right out in plain view. All we have to do is take the time to look.

A parting thought. When you think of the President, remember the words of that classic Bee Gee song. Words: It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.

Guard your hearts my friends.