So far in the early going to secure the right nominee to go against President Barrack Obama next November, those who follow the campaigns have been exposed to much information and, unfortunately, much misinformation about the candidates. Obviously, anyone who has read my previous articles is aware I support Governor Rick Perry and have drawn some conclusions about those who oppose him.

Mitt Romney: The former Governor of Massachusetts has, in the past, and currently still believes in global warming. He would favor raising energy taxes and adding a national sales tax to the present income tax. He has no qualms about supporting gay marriage and probably cannot be trusted when he says he is pro-life because his public utterances have always been dependent on which way the political winds are blowing. Why would we want to trust him now?

Herman Cain: Mr. Cain is obsessed with his 9-9-9 plan which would make everything we buy more expensive. It’s a clever way to reach deeper into our pockets. To me, in Mr. Cain’s own words, “This Dog Won’t Hunt.” He would win more points with me if he was promoting a flat tax alone. Maybe a double nine plan. A nine per cent flat income tax and a nine per cent corporate tax. Another point, I know there are a lot of cruel people in the world, but we would do better not to have an electric fence to electrocute people sneaking into the country. I do not support illegal immigration but neither would I make it an offense punishable by death. But maybe I just can’t take a joke.

Michelle Bachmann: Ms. Bachmann is a big disappointment to me because I used to support her until I discovered she’s a hypocrite. She continues to rail against Governor Perry over the near unanimous passage of a law by the solidly Republican Texas Legislature in 2001 that allows in-state tuition for some of the children of illegals. Yet, in 2005, while serving in the Minnesota State Senate, she voted in favor of in-state tuition for illegals in her home state. I wonder what her response would be if someone called her out on it publicly?

Ron Paul: I like Ron Paul because I share much of what he believes about thrift and other domestic issues. What I disagree with is his belief the United States brought the 9-11 Terrorist Attack on itself.  It’s one thing to be an isolationist, but first we have to defeat our enemies with such fury they will never do it again. His candidacy would have been better served in the late 18th or early 19th Century before we became too involved in many foreign entanglements.

Rick Santorum: As near as I can tell, Mr. Santorum is a good, conservative, family man and one who would deserve support in some areas. But he’s not a state’s rights 10th Amendment supporter to the point necessary to keep the Federal Government from imposing its will on the states. He has said as much several times during the debates. The Federal Government was never intended to rule over the states by our Founders. I know all about the argument that the issue was settled by the Civil War. But, in our modern age, anyone unhappy with life in Pennsylvania or Massachusetts can always move to another state.

Newt Gingrich: Mr. Gingrich is a brilliant individual and can devastate anyone in a debate which proves being a good debater doesn’t necessarily make someone an attractive candidate.  If he won the nomination, I would most certainly vote for him which is more than I can say about some of the others who, if nominated, might not be able to turn out the conservative vote in sufficient numbers to unseat Mr. Obama.

John Huntsman: Mr. Huntsman, the left’s favorite Republican, condemns people who believe in the Bible as being simpletons for clinging to our belief that God created the world instead of being products of evolution. This is not someone we can trust to be a true conservative.

Rick Perry: In the end we have only one candidate who has true grit and is not afraid to be a conservative. He’s not a great debater. So what! We’ve had enough of silver tongued orators by now. Governor Perry is pro-life, will not tolerate higher taxes, absolutely will protect the border despite false charges he will not and isn’t “wishy-washy” on the issues. Furthermore, he will bring an end to dependency on foreign oil, as evidenced by his recently announced economic plan which would curtail the EPA and open the nation to domestic energy production creating over a million and a half jobs in the process. America would be working and prosperous again and we would have a man of faith at the helm of our nation. True conservatives should be defending someone like Mr. Perry instead of allowing the news media, Republican establishment, and the rest of the “know nothings” out there from pillorying him.

None of those seeking high office has the record of positive performance that Governor Perry has brought to Texas nor will they be strong enough to improve the dismal outlook we are now facing.

Let me end by pointing out that conservative Republicans must be very careful not to act in such way as to lose Texas. By electing someone who would electrocute people seeking a better life or deprive children from receiving an education and allowing them to become solid citizens, we are leaving the door open to the left which eventually could seize Texas and with it never again would we have the opportunity to drive the socialistic Marxists and their ilk back into the holes they crawled out of.

Now, more than ever, we have to not only beat the left-leaning Democrats but we must also defeat the liberal Republican establishment who, like the Democrats, have little qualms about abortion and an ungodly lifestyle. The only candidate, with the track record, belief in God, and the grit to accomplish a victory for conservatives, is Governor Rick Perry.

Herman Cain would make a good vice president. Mitt Romney would be a good Secretary of Labor. Newt Gingrich would be a superb Secretary of State. Rudy Giuliani a great Attorney General. The best bet for the Presidency and the preservation of this nation as one nation under God remains Governor Rick Perry of Texas.