Who is your least favorite person? It’s ok. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone. I’m guessing this person you cringe at the thought of is someone who…thinks they’re…this…when actually…they’re that. Am I right? Those are typically the most irritating people to be around. They think they’re sincere, but they’re phony and condescending. They think they’re generous, but they’re really just show offs.

They have blind spots. But, let’s be honest. Don’t we all?

Well, I have something a little awkward to tell you guys. We, collectively, have developed a pretty hefty superpower-esque blindspot. And the truth is, we’re not really what we think we are anymore. We think we’re a city shining on a hill, but really, everyone hates us.

We’re the talk of the world’s water cooler. And the talk is not good. Other nations think we’re arrogant…weak…mismanaged…uneducated. And, really…are they wrong? I recently wrote an article for YoungPatriots.com about this – more specifically how the Edward Snowden situation has washed even America in a thick lather of anti-patriotism.

Not only are other countries talking crap about us, we’re talking crap about us…but, we don’t blame ourselves. We blame the government.

The government this. The government that. Government overreach. Government corruption. Progressivism. The founding fathers would roll in their graves. Yadda yadda yadda. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you say these things pretty often? Yeah, so do I. Because I have a blind spot.

Boiling it down to make it real simple – what is America? A nation by the people and for the people. So, if America has gone up in flames, who is to blame? The people. We didn’t need Edward Snowden outing government secrets to clue the world in on our issues. In fact, when I heard about the government surveillance, I wasn’t surprised at all.

The government overreach and power grabbing didn’t happen by way of tyranny, folks. We let it happen. Yes, we. Even we conservatives – we who believe in the values our nation was founded on – we who take to heart exactly what it is that our soldiers fought for. Why is it our fault? Because we were silent.

I’m doing a Bible study on Gideon, and looking at his people during his time, its amazing to see the similarities to Americans today. During Gideon’s time, people were only a generation removed from seeing God do amazing things like part the Red Sea and send actual food falling from the sky (manna) when they were hungry. But, the people got comfortable. They started worshipping their things in the promised land – flowing with milk and honey – instead of the Giver of those things – God. And, in just one generation, they were corrupt – worshipping idols, rejecting the truth of sin – right and wrong – good and bad…sound familiar?

We have forgotten what our freedom costs, because we grew up in the land of milk and honey. I’ve never had to hide my Bible in a floor board in fear that my family would be jailed and killed for owning it. I’ve not lived a lifetime of waking up in fear of my government.

But, that tone is changing now. People are starting to fear the government. And, what does that say about us? It says that we’re weak. It says that we’re forgetful. It says that we got complacent. Because, I can’t point to a moment in our history when the government snatched the power away. It happened gradually and it happened because half the country voted it in and is still supporting socialist policies.

Just like the people in Gideon’s time forgot about God because their parents started caring more about stuff they got from God than worshipping God, we have forgotten about freedom because rather than teaching our kids about our founding and our unique freedom that so many died for, our kids have grown up seeing us argue about whether or not to get the iPhone 4 or 4s. Our priorities have become all about our flat screen TVs or maybe even our comfortable, air conditioned churches that meet our needs just right. We’ve gotten selfish and lazy and we need to do something quick, or we’re going to lose what we’ve taken for granted all these years.

Snowden exposing our secrets to the rest of the world made everyones ears perk up. We may not have given much thought to what Russia or China thought of us before, but now that we’ve got one of our own outing us and seeking asylum with our enemies, we’re paying attention.

One of my good friends responded to my recent article on Snowden that I mentioned before, and he said, “People hated us far before Snowden.” He’s right…but, I wasn’t paying attention before Snowden anyway.

Whether you think Snowden is a hero or a villain, he made a difference in the world. He exposed unconstitutional actions of the government. He caused America to look at itself in the mirror and wonder, do I like what I see? Are all of these “protective measures” I’m learning about making me feel safer? Or, am I more afraid?

As Ben Franklin said, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.” Think what you want about one whistleblower’s character, but the more important question you need to ask is what about YOUR character? What about America’s character? Has our country become like an aging housewife who’s so comfortable that she’s let herself go?

To answer the question in the title, yes. Snowden is talking crap about you. But, we’re not so far gone that we can’t get our peerssinging our praises again. We just have to reclaim our power as “we the people.” We run this show, you guys. So, we need to start acting like it.